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CHED sets measures vs oversubscribed courses

CHED sets measures vs oversubscribed courses

THE projected teacher education graduates in the next five years is 350,000 but the country will need and can only absorb 40,000 during that period. This oversupply is true with business management, communication arts and customs administration courses.

As a result, government has moved to re-direct the course preferences of graduating high school students as well as present first year and second year college students.

Chairman Carlito S. Puno of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said the quantitative mismatch between what the industry needs and what higher education institutions (HEIs) produce as graduates has been in existence in Philippine Higher Education for several decades.

As guest speaker of the 131st general assembly of FUSE (Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education) on Tuesday (July 25), Puno outlined the commission’s program to remedy the problem, based on a highly focused and coordinated approach.

Under the program, high school graduates will take an aptitude test on what course to take. Based on the result of the exam, the student maybe given three course choices to choose from.

“At present the students rely on what they hear, what their parents will tell them and what course their ‘barkada’ will take,” Puno said.

CHED will also conduct aggressive career guidance and counseling for graduating high school students as well as first and second year college students. Since the first two years of college curriculum are general education courses, it is not yet too late for them to change their course preferences.

The agency, Puno explained, will redirect students from enrolling in oversubscribed curricular programs through rigid screening admission procedures, imposition of quota system, more liberal tuition increase to discourage students from enrolling in these courses, and moratorium or stringent requirements in the opening of more oversubscribed courses.

“The problem is evident in the failure of college graduates to get employment in their area of expertise or specialization,” Puno told the assembly held at the FUSE Learning Center for Teachers on Roxas Blvd., Manila. “We have teachers going abroad to be employed as domestic helpers, business management graduates being hired as clerks or even messengers, holders of bachelor degrees becoming drivers. Worst is when these college degree holders join the ranks of the unemployed.”

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7/27/2006 19:59 PM

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