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Board member admits leaked notes were hers

Board member admits leaked notes were hers

Last updated 08:56am (Mla time) 08/20/2006

Published on page A12 of the August 20, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

IN a desire to look into the “alleged” leakage, members of the Board of Nursing tried to get related materials. Thus, Dr. [Letty] Kuan called Ray Gapuz if he had any material on the “alleged” leakage because it was his review center that was put in the limelight.

On the morning of June 17, at 8 a.m., Gapuz came to the place of Kuan on Singalong Street in Manila, bringing along with him 18 pages of handwritten notes. Chair [Eufemia] Octaviano, who lived nearby, joined Kuan in the dorm and she received the 18 pages of handwritten notes from Gapuz.

It was PRC outreach day. The Board members were together on the ground floor when this set of handwritten notes was shared. [Anesia] Dionisio was shown the notes and immediately she said “Ay, akin itong situation na ito, (referring to the situation of Lilia …) As there were nurses from Zones 1, 2 and 4 who were helping in the outreach project, and who heard her, we told her to be discreet.

At about 6 p.m., Gapuz called up Kuan, saying that he was coming over with an examinee who had typewritten notes of the “alleged” leaked items. Thus, at that time, Octaviano came and together with Kuan, received the typewritten notes and talked to the female examinee. The paper contained 495 situations with choices and answers.


The examinee, Pamela Ortega, voluntarily came out in the open in the midst of this “leakage news” because her conscience bothered her and she wanted to tell the truth. She said she was willing to testify even on TV.

Ortega finished her degree in medical technology from the University of Santo Tomas. She took up a second course, Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Philippine College of Health Sciences Inc. (PCHS). When queried why she chose PCHS, she said it had a flexible schedule.

She said there was no clinical experience requirement. Being a PCHS graduate, she was enrolled for the review classes at the Inress Review Center. She paid P50,000. Because she was not satisfied with the review classes, she enrolled at the R.A. Gapuz Review Center.

According to Pamela, on the evening of June 9, George Cordero asked PCHS graduates to go to the SM Mall hall for enhancement review classes. She attended the classes. Cordero had a stapled set of papers and told the graduates to study very well the questions because 100 questions from that set will surely come out in the board exams.

When she took Test V on June 12, all the situations, choices and questions were exactly what were in the notes. It was so easy for them and the test took them only 30 minutes, while others sweated it out. She felt bad about this.

Payment of P7 million

On the night of June 9, Cordero told them [the graduates] that he did not pay P7 million for nothing, and that he brought two BON members to Switzerland and paid for the trip.

He assured the second coursers that they need not undergo interviews because the BON would readily sign their application forms, as they were his friends.

Two reviewers of Cordero flashed the situations, questions and answers on the screen that night. They had time to copy, some by long hand. Others brought laptops and still others portable typewriters. Thus, she had a copy of the typewritten notes, which other students and review centers also had from those enhancement classes and which she submitted to Octaviano and Kuan on the evening of June 17.

Octaviano and Kuan thanked Pamela for her good act and for the information.

(Notes by Eufemia F. Octaviano and Letty G. Kuan of Pamela Ortega’s testimony that was presented at the Senate hearing. Octaviano is the chair and Kuan a member of the Board of Nursing.)


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