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TRO Is not the solution


Starting this issue, we are adding a space for advisories to post announcements, invitations and other forms of notifications in addition to our updates during the sessions of the 9th Sangguniang Panlungsod and our inbox which prints e-mails from our readers.
While our original concept for this column was to inject our separate opinion on matters of public concern but time has come that we have to adopt to certain changes just like our introduction of our postscripts intended for social greetings. Then we had the SP updates and the inbox. Now, we are introducing the advisory portion so that we can post announcements from our readers and other matters concerning public affairs.

However, let it be made clear that we are not creating a newspaper within a newspaper by these innovations. This is just for the benefit of our dear readers. Bow!

* * * * * * *
It is quite unfortunate that the controversy about the recent board examination for nurses has reached to the point of court interference via a temporary restraining order issued by the Court of Appeals stopping the oath-taking of the new nurses.

While we agree that the allegations on leakages by shenanigans in the Board of Nursing of the Professional Regulation Commission are not unfounded, but it is humbly submitted that the curtailment of the same is not through a court intervention which in effect restrained a new breed of professionals to practicing their chosen field of endeavor.

Instead, those vultures and leeches in the PRC and their cohorts in the Board of Nursing must be exposed the soonest time possible as they diminish the prestige and integrity of the nursing profession in the country.

* * * * * * *
For instance, it is for how many weeks now that we learn of a brewing controversy involving the nursing profession in the province.

But we did not expose nor mention that in this corner in our desire to protect the integrity and honor of the profession not to mention the fact that not a few physicians have taken up nursing apparently due to the lucrative opportunity it offers abroad. The controversy that we knew was overtaken by the reported leakage in the recent nursing board examination.

If the integrity, prestige and honor that our board examinations will continue to be eroded due to allegations of leakages and shenanigans, would there still be a future and hope for our would-be professionals? Just asking.


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