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Position Essay on the TRO issued against the PNLE

Position Essay on the TRO issued against the PNLE
Sent via email

For the longest time since the results of the June 2006 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examinations were released, I did not see any of the passers from Mindanao talking to the media about their sentiments and/or expressing concern on the issues that affect them also. So I am breaking my silence.

Foremost, I challenge the agencies and organizations calling for the retake of the exam, at least on the two tests identified to have been leaked, to prove beyond reasonable doubt that those who took it, at least here in Davao City, participated in the said massive cheating. If they can not, then I guess they better stop saying the things they are saying as they too put us in a bad light.

The issue here is not about having a retake. Rather, the bigger issue is punishing those who cheated. The PRC, the Executive Office tasked to conduct the board exams, ruled that should the investigation proves and identifies those who cheated and passed, their licenses will be revoked. Isn’t that fair enough? The PRC just did the right thing to stand firm on their decision, yet also try to accommodate reasonable demands. They eventually said that the retake is voluntary. Still, fair enough. The PRC should not be intimidated by other institutions as this can become a precedent to future circumstances like this. Just because the PRC does not yield to what other organizations want that it means the PRC is being careless in its decision. Where did these people get their licenses? Didn’t they obtain it from the PRC as well? The right thing to do is to put these issues to rest and wait for the results of the investigation to come out. As said before, it is better to assume that the exams were reasonably proper. Even the law has this in effect: “One is innocent until proven otherwise”

To have everybody retake the exam is criminal for those who passed it fair and square. They argue, “the exams are no longer valid.” Yes, the exams are invalid to those who HAD the leakage. But the exams remain valid for those who DID NOT have the leakage.

They say the scores are manipulated. I say, isn’t the PRC the authority on this subject matter. The PRC did what they had to do to nullify the effects of the leakage and all passers suffered the results by having extremely low board ratings. The complaints lodged by other passers do not embody the overall sentiment of the thousands more of board passers.

They say the law (RA 9173) was violated because the scores are manipulated, then clearly, the law needs to be amended to adapt to situations like this. RA 9173 did not tackle the issue of should a leakage occur in the exam, that everybody should retake that also. Calling for a retake therefore is also against the provisions of RA 9173. So should we still use RA 9173 the basis of our arguments?

Now how did the Board of Examiners, elected to office? Who recommends? Who nominates? Why don’t we look at them for a change? The leak came allegedly from the examiners anyway. How were they screened? Let’s trace the root of all this and probably, let’s start the change from there.

The problem is the majority faces the consequences of the actions done by the minority. And that is simply unfair. Even a gradeschool pupil will say that it is unfair.

They also say that those who passed it may risk the lives of their future patients. That is simply very hasty and harsh. There are a lot more licensed professionals, those who passed leakage-less exams, who face malpractice suits due to incompetence. And for the information of the people, the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam is an exam that I think, can never quantify an examinee’s competence.

This question was asked in the last board exam:

1. What is the most common problem faced by a nurse working abroad?

a. Adjustment
b. Weather
c. Language
d. Nutrition

Or this:

1. Many nurses are now leaving the country to work abroad. Aside from money, what would be the other primary reason of nurses leaving abroad?

a. Educational Opportunity for their Children
b. Immigrant Visa
c. Citizenship
d. Health Care Benefits

In the 2005 Licensure exam this question was said to had been asked:
1. A nurse is on a vehicle, sees a mental patient about to jump from a bridge. What should the nurse do?

a. Pray
b. Call for help
c. Step down from the vehicle

I do not know what to answer as clearly, the questions ask for one’s opinion. Now, if those calling for a retake can tell me if the questions I stated above can measure competence in Nursing, then I will gladly yield to what they want. It may appear easy, but the mere fact that you can not find that in books make the whole thing different.

Some questions are taken out from the speeches made by the examiners that are available only to some groups. Did the Mindanao students cried unfair about this? We did not. Some of the review materials were allegedly made exclusive to UP Manila students. Did they sell copies of the Ethics Book by Sr. Letty Kuan here in Davao City or at least put it in National Bookstore for the access of everybody. I believe not.

But did we cry foul about it?

The hospitals are said not to hire those from my batch. Why? I think hospitals train nurses, before they finally hire them. Isn’t the training program sufficient evaluative tool that will objectively assess our competence? If this is so, then I would not wonder why no Filipino Nurse will be left working in Philippine Hospitals.

They said the international community doubts the competence of those who passed the controversial exam. Correct me then if I am wrong, aren’t the foreign exams sufficient to assess our competence in nursing? The PNLE is not the sole measure of one’s competence. Having graduated the BSN program accredited by CHED and other accrediting agencies render us competent as future nurses. A single exam can never measure one’s competence since competence is learned. Competence is not acquired by passing a single exam.

Those calling for a retake do not understand what they are asking those who passed the June PNLE. This is not about making the exam free for everybody. Will they pay our review fees amounting to tens of thousands of pesos? Will they give us fare money and allowance to review and take the exam again in a PRC Regional Testing Center? Will they pay us with the time robbed from us? What about our mental anguish, I believe that costs more. Will they pay our emotional and mental anguish? But all these said, nobody will ever agree to paying us.

And still they make a statement that we, the passers, should make the ultimate sacrifice and just retake the test. Why us? Why don’t they make the sacrifice themselves. Pin down the perpetrators and punish them 42,000 times as they ruined our dreams, tainted our names with this controversy and held us futile for months now.

At the end of all these, I believe that those who took the June PNLE are the victims of this controversy and therefore should not be continually asked to retake the exam. The PRC said the exam is valid. The PRC said it already nullified the effect of the leakage. What then is the problem still?

Why can’t we just let the PRC do its job. Why can’t we just review how the Board of Examiners are nominated. Why can’t we just wait for the investigation of the NBI. Why can’t we stop dragging everybody in the mess created and participated by a few? Why can’t we just move on?

Ethics taught us that JUSTICE is about fairness and equality. This is not JUSTICE at all.

Richard Erick Caballero
Batch 2006
PNLE June 2006 Passer
Former Editor in Chief of the Clarion
Official Publication of Davao Doctors College
Davao Doctors College, Inc.
General Malvar St., Davao City

Mr. Caballero very well said! You've got it all covered. Well done! Thank you so much for this position essay which very much speaks in behalf of the HONEST June 2006 NLE passers. We have the same sentiments here in our province as you do.

you said it all mr. caballerro. f they only knew that we,the honest passers are the victims here ...prc has to protect us , as well as the supreme court . still honest people get exploited?i hope the media realizes this.

can someone send this to a senator..

very well said! i hope this essay would reach the media and be published to our national newspapers so that those people who are initiating the retake will soon realize what is fair and unfair.

very well said.. thanks and my ngsalita n in behalf of those who passed fair and square.. sna lng mbasa 2 ng mga ngre2klamo and marealize nla n tma nmn tlga gnwa ng PRC.. plus sna MANAHIMIK nlng ang MEDIA kc lalo lng NKAKAGULO.. sna WLANG BIAS sa BINABALITA nla.. puro nlng mga PRO RETAKE..

"the PRC said it already nullified the effect of the leakage"? are you sure of this? i've checked my scores and they did not di anything with it.

the PRC should have waited for the result of the investigation before releasing,with what they have done gumulo lang lalo.

it is really unfair for those who passed the boards without the help of the leakage and i do agree that all deserve not to retake the exam. but how about those who took the exam who were not included in the list of passers which i beleive their slots were stolen by cheaters?

i think the PRC should wait for the final decision after the investigations. it is unfair for those who passed the boards without the leakage to retake,i do agree with that. but it is also unfair for those who were cheated to see those cheaters taking thier oath.

for those who can never have self fulfillment coz you yourself know that you got the licinse because YOU CHEATED! Matakot kayo kay Lord.

very well said mr. caballero. I think your essay should be published in our leading newspapers and we should give Senator Gordon a copy ( mas better if lahat na lang ng senators bigyan), also the UST faculty of nursing. Ms. Korina Sanchez should also be given a copy of your essay, channel 2 is being so unfair and bias!

Fellow passers, we should start making our moves.....

Very well said! I applaud you for that. I agree with everything you said.


U N I T E !




Thank you so much Mr Caballero, if i only have so much money, i will let this position paper be published in a broadsheet so that malaman ng tao ang sakit ng ginawa nila sa atin. And also i really want this to be sent to office of the Senators and Ms Korina Sanchez.We deserve justice for what they have been doing to us!

i am of the same sentiments of mr caballero,all of it...i hope tlaga to see this publish in leading newspaper and tv as well,grabe na pagkabias ng abscbn sa pagrereport...sana yung mga may baker at may contacts sa mga eto eh make a way to have this ill be expecting to reading this again somewhere...

Hi Mr.Caballero... you did a great essay! CAN ANYONE PLEASE SEND THIS TO GMA7 OR TO REP.NOGRALES?

I'm from Davao.. from SPC, Hope that we can form a student Union to form a Mindanao Block that will air out our voices..

Please get my Number from angeli sumaoy... a clarion officer batch 2006... I'm willing to cooperate and call on our fellow June NLE PASSERS... willing kami lahat, but la kaming contact to other schools... thanks to PinoyBSN..

Hope you can contact me ASAP... or mail me at,


I super agree with this. Way to go Mr. Caballero. this is the my exact opinion which i cant put into words...

I thank you for this. thanks so much.

Kaya natin to!!

ang galing!! tnx to you for standing up for us!! may god bless you gud luck to all of us

I salute you Mr. Caballero.. Very well said.. what you had said gave enlightenment to my confusion.. thank you.. we are victims in this chaos in our profession. Their comment on our competence should not be the major issue here but rather how the OUR LEADER'S INCOMPETENCE affected us innocents..


Very well said mr. Caballero. This writing deserve a space n a broadsheet.

Can anyone please have this published... those who have a resources.

Board Passers, we will be doing a signature campaign next week. Try to gather as much signature as you can from all the board passers and we will collate it on tuesday morning at the prc. If we can do this by school the better, if not, we'll try to put a table near the prc bldg and you can just sign there.

hopefully we'll have our own lawyer by then to advise us of the legal actions that we could take to uphold and protect our rights. We already have a known lawyer in mind, we just need to further discuss the case with him. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

This is really the time when we, all board passers, need to be united. Let us not allow the other camp to further slight us. Let our voices be heard! Let us fight for our rights.

Those who are in the province and would like to participate in the signature campaign. Please try to organize a group and then just get in touch with us here, the manila group. Maybe we can discuss several ways on how we should attack this problem.

Be one with us. WE are all in this fight.

here's my email ad.

the UST dean and other officials of the PNA just couldnt get enough of them producing a lot of flunkers. when will they ever understand that they're not just the nursing school in this republic?? that not all wants a retake? not all CHEATED! hell, where have all their minds gone??!

theyr so pathetic!! claiming that theyr after the integrity of the exam... not realizing that wat theyr doing drags the nursing profession more in bad light.

PINAGHIRAPAN namin ang exam na eto. Magkasamang puyat at iyak kung bakit kami pumasa. DI MAKATARUNGAN para umulit kami dahil sa kasalanan ng iba. Para sa mga MATATALINONG TAO gaya ni Sen. Gordon, mga guro ng UST at mga miyembro ng PNA. naiintindihan nyo ba?

JUNE '06 PASSERS we have to unite na talaga!

Very good Mr. Caballero, I do hope everybody read your essay. I'm wondering why this Usteans are pushing for a retake, stopping the oath-taking, nullifying the oath-takers and even asking the court to invalidate the June NLE exams. Sila ba ang kumakatawan sa tunay na damdamin ng mga taong involved sa problemang ito? I don't think so. Baka nga wala pang 10% ang bilang ng kanilang partisipasyon. Bakit galit na galit sila sa mga board passers, bakit hindi nila pagtuunan ng pansin ay yung mga taong naglabas at gumawa ng mga leakages, dahil ba sa hindi nila matanggap na hindi sila napasama sa Topnotchers at mababa lang ang passing rates nila? Oh come on Usteans, you have to accept the truth na hindi lahat ng araw ay pasko. Yung sinasabi naman ninyo na merong mga nag-Oathtaking na nakinabang sa leakages, bakit hindi ninyo isumbong sa PRC kung sino man yon dahil sinabi naman ng PRC na kanilang irerevoke ang license kung sinuman ang nakinabang sa leakage, pero kung wala kayong maituturo tumahimik na lang kayo. At para kay Mr. Sto Tomas, bakit nyo pinagreresign ang mga official ng BON at PRC, may balak ka bang pumalit sa kanila? Kung meron man ay wag mo nang ituloy dahil kawawa lang ang mga Nurses. Kung sinasabi nyong bulok ang sistema ng PRC, sa palagay ko ay mas magiging bulok kung kayo ang mamumuno. Walang personalan.

if there's really a leakage, then where's the damn evidence?

sa mga nag push ng TRO, alam nyo na kung sino kayo, di kayo PANGINOON! di lahat ng oras ay nasa itaas kayo at kailangang tingalain!

If bumagsak cum laude nyo maybe nasa mga nagtuturo lang iyon or siguro to the highest level ang anxiety nya noon kaya di siya nakapag isip ng matino nung nag eexam siya!

how much ba magpa publish sa newspaper?

"how much ba magpa publish sa newspaper?"

> one unsolicited advice po -- alamin po mga fax numbers ng mga newspapers then send po ung sulat ni Mr. Caballero sa mga newspapers thru letters to the editor pero dapat with the knowledge and approval of the author.
> let us altogether search for theses newspapers' fax numbers and/or email adds.

typo error: i mean these newspapers' (not theses newspapers')

very well said.. but i guess much of your points are fair for the "anti-retake" examinees.. well, anyway, it's a metter of choice.. ;)

job well done..well said!!!
GOD bless

honestly im moved by the position or rather the point that u made on the PNLE issue. being a board passer myself, i believe that some questions in the recent NLE cant even measure the so called "competency" for us examinees. some questions do need justifications, answers are based on the opnion of the examinee more on the subjective type. examinees do have certain set of values when trying to answer some of the board question. as my friend said "kailangan mo gumawa ng small essay or paliwanag para ma justify mo na ang pinili mo na sagot eh tama."

Very well said. Dapat talagang mai-publish ito sa isang leading newspaper para namanmarinig din ng kabilang kampo ang side nating mga pumasa sa June PNLE.

Nakakapikon na tlaga sila. They are putting the Nursing Profession in a bad light dahil napaka-one sided ng mga gusto nilang mangyari.

Kasalanan ito ng BON. Hindi ito kasalanan ng PRC. Ang PRC lang ang nagmediate, and the PRC protects the passers by not agreeing to what the other side wants.

Let us make our voices be heard. Tama na sila. Sobra na sila. It's time na tayo naman ang pakinggan.

Ikalat natin ang essay na ito. Makabuluhan siya at puno ng magandang counter arguments sa mga walang kwentang patutsada ng kabilang kampo.

Magbayad ang dapat magbayad. Hindi tayo dapat magbayad sa kasalanan ng mga kapal muks na yan.

I share your sentiment too. Tumpak.

to Mr. caballero,

i salute you, you couldn't have put our common sentiments more eloquently. we, june 2006 board passers, must unite if we are to protect our rights... we need to organize ourselves collectively so our voices can be heard. hindi lang lang puro ust side ang dapat pakinggan. we are not the guilty parties here. we should not be punished.

Mr. Caballero ok lang ba sayo if send namin yung essay mo sa newspaper para ma publish?

sure, by all means. publish nyo....

yah you're right!!!!!!!!!!!

i myself came from a very well known school that was responsible for pushing the TRO (i guess its obvious) i strongly agree with mr caballero "we are mere victims here why do they keep on torturing us?" a lot of us dont agree on what is being done by our school... we are being drag into this mess well in fact they should be the ones who should protect us because they r the ones who taught us, who molded us to become competent nurses... i believe that every board passer should unite and start to fight for our rights.... can anyone publish sir caballero's article??

hi mr richard.. ur comment was very very good and honest.. u speak in behalf of those of us june 06 passers who passed and fought fair and squre.. may i ask if this article has been published already? in the papers i mean.. if not can i aide in asking for it to be published? i guess i can ask others in publishing ur work.. if u wud agree that is, if not its ok.. we read it, its clean and true, and we can also justify ur words.. thank u for making this article.. u made all of us proud..

By all means, publish it.

Richard Erick Caballero

Mindanao Times of Davao City already published this essay August 21, 2006. That's a Monday.

Let us publish this essay para maliwanagan ang mga dapat maliwanagan. Naforawrd ko na itong essay sa Inquirer and Star, pero wala pa ring reply.

Sana umabot ito sa ABS or GMA para malaman ng lahat ng tao ang stand natin

i agree with you that many if not most of the questions asked in the previous board examinations required subjective answers. the BON should have asked questions that requires a definite and objective answer.

but that's not anymore the issue here, the june 2006 board examinations is still tainted. and simply forgetting this issue will not solve anything. that's all i could say.

Erick, you covered all that has to be said with regards to the June board 2006. I already sent my letter to the dean of nursing of Davao Doctors College airing my side as parent of a successful examinee.Let's unite and fight the injustice being suffered by all of you.Why are these authorities so afraid of the so-dalled "stigma"? It has long been with the filipinos since time immemorial because of some corrupt authorities we have who's supposed to be in the leadership, it is they who should correct the 'stigma' they are continually creating. It is the youth who suffers the consequences of what the generation before them has done and we can see that now. It is only the individual himself as filipino who can prove wherever he goes of how competent he can be in any endeavor. God speed! I will send your letter and see to it that it reaches ANC-ABS-CBN and newspapers.For justice sake, Let your voices be heard!

DDC, concerned parent.

For months now since the board examination, we watch our children suffer the consequences of what the culprit of the “Leakage Controversy” has done. As parents, we have witnessed how our children have earned credit for their requirements and their grades, the sleepless nights of being able to prepare for their Examinations and Case presentations, the out base duties that they have to report to and many other sacrifices that they have to go through just to finish the course, the four years of rigorous training. We were with our children from day one of their Nursing Course to the finish when they were confirmed graduates of the said profession that they have chosen. Then came the result of the Licensure Examination...

GenSAn Parent

we must be united and not let UST ruin our dreams...this is a total injustice to us honest passers.. we worked hard for this exam,we even had many sleepless nights just to prepare for the exam. 'RETAKE' is a waste of time, money and effort. we deserve a license. let the perpretrators be punished and not us. we are victims here. why we are being persecuted like this? UST is just sourgraping because they cant accept the fact that their cumlaude wasnt able to pass the exam its a big slap on their faces. it makes me puke when the UST talks about our integrity and competency while its very obvious that they just wanted their pride to be intact from the shame that they've got from the past exam. UST is playing with GOd!!! i still hope that truth and justice will prevail.

we must be united and not let UST ruin our dreams...this is a total injustice to us honest passers.. we worked hard for this exam,we even had many sleepless nights just to prepare for the exam. 'RETAKE' is a waste of time, money and effort. we deserve a license. let the perpretrators be punished and not us. we are victims here. why we are being persecuted like this? UST is just sourgraping because they cant accept the fact that their cumlaude wasnt able to pass the exam its a big slap on their faces. it makes me puke when the UST talks about our integrity and competency while its very obvious that they just wanted their pride to be intact from the shame that they've got from the past exam. UST is playing with GOd!!! i still hope that truth and justice will prevail.

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