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PIA PRESS RELEASE: Alleged test leakage should not cause stigma and broken dreams

Commentary: Alleged test leakage should not cause stigma and broken dreams

Tacloban City (August 23) -- The alleged leakage in the June 2006 nursing exams must not be the cause of stigma on Filipino nurses and other Filipino professionals who have always been known as among the best all over the world.

Neither must it be the cause of broken dreams which the parents and students have painstakingly nurtured and cultivated for twenty or more years. As one board passer’s mother said, it is just like climbing up a rugged and thorny mountain for twenty years only to be thrown down when one has reached the apex of the mountain.

If and when, culprits have been proven guilty, they alone should suffer. Those who are not guilty must not be made to suffer with them. It is unfair not only to the board passers who worked hard in order to pass the exams, it is unfair not only on the parents who toiled and shed sweat blood and tears just to send their children to school, it is unfair not only to the schools which are implementing high standards of education and training in order to produce world class nurses. It is most especially unfair to the Filipino nation.

Filipino workers and professionals have always been known all over the world for their honesty, professional integrity and dedication and commitment to their profession. Many stories have been told about a lowly Filipino worker who returned large sum of money to the owner, who died in line of duty or who sacrificed his life in order to save her employer.

The Philippine Regulatory Commission has declared its findings, has made recommendations on the issue. The ruling is that there was no cheating and there was no leakage of extracted questions.

As to why some people filed for a TRO not allowing the board passers to take their oath, is a question only they could answer. If their filing of the TRO was caused with a noble reason, well and good. But if it is true that those who complained did so because they were not able their expectations on their number of successful examinees, then, we can say that the duly constituted Courts must cancel the TRO and allow the board passers to take their oath, Pronto.

This is the time for the country to see to it that the dreams of the youth who are the hope of the Fatherland are not eroded just because there are malicious few who would rather think of their personal aggrandizement rather than think of the good of the majority of the people.

The future of these young board passers must be the priority cause to fight for. The future of the youth is worth saving. Saving it is saving the future of the country. (PIA 8)


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