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Punishing nursing examinees not the answer to leakage

Punishing nursing examinees not the answer to leakage

Last updated 01:57am (Mla time) 08/28/2006

Published on page A16 of the August 28, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

MY CLASSMATES AND I ARE alarmed by the developments relative to the June 2006 nursing board examinations. We are graduates of St. Paul College-Manila, College of Nursing Class 1968. We abhor cheating! For this reason, we are saddened and disappointed over the reports about the cheating that tainted the recent nursing board examination.

While it is true that we do not condone cheating, we also cannot agree that those who passed the June 2006 exams should take the board exams again.

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of one them. Let’s call this examinee Chris. She studied and prepared hard to pass the exam and join the nursing profession, which should help her become independent and at the same time enable her to help her family. If Chris takes the exam again, she will go through the same pressure she underwent last June. What if Chris fails this time?

How about another graduate who took the same exam and failed? He takes the exam again and this time he passes. Does this mean this graduate is a better nurse than Chris? This is what the Philippine General Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital are trying to tell us when they announced that they would make it difficult for the June 2006 successful examinees to be accepted for employment in their prestigious hospitals.

We feel that retaking the exams is not the solution. We are punishing the wrong people. And this can’t be. Because again we are sending the wrong message to the innocent, successful examinees.

George Cordero and company have been blamed as culprits. Thanks, but who supplied the test questions to them? The “sources,” together with Cordero et al., should be the ones punished, not the graduates who passed because they prepared well.

We just cannot understand why the schools, specifically the deans of nursing colleges of the successful examinees, do not stand up and defend their graduates who passed with clean slates. If these graduates cannot expect any support and loyalty from their own alma mater, where will they go to find these?


Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Joan's Notes: Hey guys, well I am glad to hear such opinion especially coming from my alma mater its just that these days its been crazy with all the issues especially if your school supports the retake sometimes I just feel that if they push for the retake it means that they have lack of faith in the competencies of their students. When in the first place the reason being there by the students and chosen by their parents is the belief that the school they chose they get in to can provide them with the best nursing education. The NLE was supposed to be the turning point of our lives but up until now we are deprived of that privilege.

Ms. Corsiga, you have spoken so true.

Kudos for this writing.

I salute you for those kind words. ONLY a GOOD NURSE like u can truly feel for us.How we went through hell just to prepare for that exam.
EMPATHY is indeed an inherent quality of a good nurse....
Thank you

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