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Silliman U favors 2nd nursing test challenge


Silliman U favors 2nd nursing test challenge

Silliman University in Dumaguete City has accepted the challenge for its students to re-take the Nursing Licensure Examination following the alleged leakage that marred last week's oath-taking of successful examinees, ANC reported Sunday.

Dr. Teresinda of Silliman said a re-take of the board exam is the only way for the country's nursing profession to regain its credibility.

Sinda said she is confident that the university's nursing graduates who took the board exam will pass it again.

Based on records, Silliman has a consistent 100 percent passing record in its nursing degree program.

The controversy over the June 11-12 board exam arose after several students said they and some of their friends were able to get sample questions for Test 3 and 5.

Informants accused Dr. George Cordero, former president of the Philippine Nurses Association, of initiating the test leakage. Cordero also owns a nursing college and a review center for examinees, reports said.

Cordero has denied the charge.

The National Bureau of Investigation, meanwhile, is gathering evidence to pin 22 nursing college deans who allegedly received sample questions for their students prior to the exam proper.

Last week, the Professional Regulation Commission ordered its chapters nationwide to allow the oath-taking of new nurses. PRC, however, was ordered to stop administering the oath-taking with a 60-day temporary restraining order from the Court of Appeals.

accepts challenge for its students, but do the students themeselves want to go through all that hell all over again?

i still believe that even if there will be a retake it wouldn't erase the tainted credibility of our licensure exams.

Hay naku, sure it would!! Kung sa US nangyari 'to, malamang retake lang ang katapat. Wala magagawa mga estudyanteng pumasa na ayaw magretake. Kumbaga action agad!

Please remember, the passers are not only the one affected here. We are all victims here.

sa totoo lang ha, walang magagawa ang retake, baka lalong mas matinding komosyon ang bunga nyan.

Of course PNA and ADCPN want to save their ass. Kung may retake makalimutan ng lahat kung sino ang nagpasimuno in which galing naman talaga sa kanila.

Retake for Silliman? You bet! They have to save their ass just like what UST is doing. Last time I heard, SU had a less than a hundred percent passing average, a far cry from their traditional 100% passing average. The same thing happened to UST, the lowest rating they had in the school's history. Is image more important than destroying the future of the more than 17,000 NLE passers and in effect, the integrity of the nursing profession? This is crab mentality at its worst! Shame on these schools! If there is the perceived bad image or "stigma" of the nursing profession today, it is the doing of our own nursing leadership in Manila, the elitists, and the Filipino people especially Tagle who are crying out for a retake of the JUne NLE. Too bad, Filipinos wash their dirty linens in public at the expense of everyone especially the passers who took the NLE in good faith. NO retake!

Who is this Dr. Dante Ang? He talks as if He's the President of the Philippines, the Chairman of PRC and President of the ADCPN and PNA! In short, he has no business hovering over the affairs of the nursing profession, much more,in this June NLE controversy. He is not part of the solution, rather, he's becoming part of the problem. I bet, he has vested interests in his appeals for a retake of the June NLE. It seems that Mr. Ang is just making the leakage as a justification/ an excuse for his inability and failure to bring NCLEX to the Philippines. Everytime I see his face on television, I rush to turn it off. Likewise, i cringe even at the thought of seeing Sec. Art Brion's face on television. I still believe in the wisdom of the Philippine President and her promise to "Punish the Guilty and Spare the Innocent.

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