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Arroyo appeals for cooperation on nursing board retake

Arroyo appeals for cooperation on nursing board retake

By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
Last updated 05:14pm (Mla time) 09/28/2006

PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appealed for full cooperation from all concerned sectors for her order to have nursing graduates who took the controversial licensure examinations in June retake the tests.

The June board examinations became tainted with scandal following the discovery that test questions had been leaked.

Presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye said the Arroyo’s decision was prompted by a wish to "uphold the integrity of the Philippine nursing profession," which he said had gained a reputation to be one of the world's best.

"This is a final decision of President Arroyo in the national interest, and we ask for full cooperation from all sectors concerned," Bunye said.

"The nursing profession is not only a shining symbol of the Filipino culture of caring, but our source of pride and dignity in the international community," Bunye said.

As the investigation into the leakage continues, Bunye appealed to all parties "to put their recriminations aside and focus on a credible and untainted retake of the exams."

On Wednesday, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita announced Arroyo's decision for a retake of the tests.

But he said the other details, such as who will have to repeat the examinations, when it will be conducted, and whether it will be a full or partial retake, will depend on the outcome of a meeting between the Department of Labor and the Philippine Regulation Commission.


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