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Arroyo orders retake of June nursing board exam

Arroyo orders retake of June nursing board exam

President Arroyo on Wednesday ordered a retake of the leakage-marred June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination, DZMM reported.

The report said the President ordered Labor Secretary Arturo Brion to supervise the retake. Brion was told to meet with Professional Regulation Commission officials to plan the retake, it added.

The report said Brion and PRC officials would decide whether to conduct a full or partial retake of the board examination. Brion and PRC officials will also consider if only the examinees who got the leaked questions from Tests 3 and 5 should retake the examinations.
The idea of the retake was suggested to the President during a cabinet meeting held Tuesday, the report said.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the President ordered the retake to protect the integrity of the nursing profession and the conduct of licensure examinations in the country. With a report from Ruby Tayag

September 27, 2006
as of 3:59 pm

Pag nag-retake ba, solve na ang perennial problem of cheating?

Saka, it is not a matter of asking 42,000 examinees to retake Tests 3 and 5. Kailangang i-sort out yung talagang bagsak sa ibang subjects na dapat magretake hindi lang ng Tests 3 and 5 kung hindi lahat ng Tests 1 to 5.

Otherwise, magdadalawang retake sila. Na kahit ipasa nila yung retake ng Tests 3 and 5, ay hindi pa rin sila pasado sa entire exam dahil bagsak rin sila sa Tests 1, 2, and 4. Kaya kailangang isabay na nila ang pag-retake nito.

Dapat ma-realize ito ng PRC, na kailangang himayin nila yung ang retake ay Tests 3 and 5 lamang sa ang retake ay dapat entire exam.

In fact, dapat yung Test 5 lang ang may retake, not Test 3. Kaya lang, talagang bobo yung mga gustong isali sa retake ang Test 3. Kaya dapat paratingin ang kasong ito hindi lang sa Court of Appeals kung hindi hanggang sa Supreme Court.

Sasabihin nila, punish the guilty but spare the innocent, eh bakit yung mga inosenteng passers sa Mindanao na malayo sa cheating ay kasali rin?

Kung ganyan din lang ang usapan, ay protect na rin ang integrity hindi lang ng nursing profession kung hindi buong bansa. Remove the doubt of cheating in the last national election--REELECTION na rin ng Presidente!!!!


Let's gather tomorrow, Friday, 29 Sept in PRC. @ 8am...

Let's show our disgust to GMA's decision.

Bring your friends & family!!!
Let's be ONE!!!... NO RETAKE!

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