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Budek's Recommendation: Seasonal examiners, longer quarantine and Leave review centers alone.

Requiring the review centers to build their own schools will just herald a batch of new mushrooming under qualified nursing schools. We already have current problems on quality of nursing education, still unsolved, yet CHED is now trying to add another bulk of problems those themselves cannot handle : Regulation of ALL Review centers.

Putting the burden of reviewing the student's in the colleges and universities is not new. It is already done by schools like Fatima University, Trinity College, St. Jude etc. It SHOULD NOT be added in the curriculum because it will inhibit the freedom of students to pursue their freedom of choice for review centers with well known national expert reviewers.

Adding it in the curriculum will force us to settle for a review that we might not want and in the long run, students might lack the will and motivation to attend this review classes because even at first, it’s never their choice.

I am not saying that in house reviews are inferior. Some in house reviews are good like in Fatima and Trinity College, But what about the In house reviews of the under qualified nursing schools? Should we bind these students who are already victims of poor education to attend their poor reviews?

If they will add it as part of the curriculum and the school would want 50,000 pesos fee for the review how could the students evade and say no? This will KILL the competition factor that makes review centers lower down their rates to accommodate and attract more students. This will also KILL the dynamic growth and hunger of review centers and reviewers for pursuit of HIGH QUALITY review due to factors of competition.

In the end, WE WILL SUFFER. QUALITY OF REVIEW will further deteriorate.

I recommend that CHED should just leave it as is and instead concentrate on regulating the nursing schools in the country, They should not pursue another vanity that they might not be able to handle. PRC should increase quarantine period of the Board of examiners from the time they start making the exam up to the time the results are released prohibiting them from going out the complex [wherever it is] or use telecommunication equipments.

Leakage can be both written and oral. The BON members tend to attend seminars and ceremonies wherein, they will release a speech that contains actual information that they used in making board questions, thus giving sharper edge to those who paid and attended these seminars.

Examiners should be examiners, nothing more and less. Neither someone who uses his own books as a source of board questions and peddle it around nor someone who sells himself and makes speeches that will be the reference of the next board examination. In exchange of these sacrifices, they should be compensated well enough. Well enough to be comparable to salaries of deans of prestigious universities.

PRC should hire SEASONAL EXAMINERS. These are people who are expert making examination questions but they should only make sets of question only ONCE every 3 board examination. Meaning, they cannot create questions for 2 consecutive board examinations. The BON should concentrate on the regulation of nursing profession and not making these questions. Questions should be validated by the BON members and chairman and they should be quarantined with the examiners as soon as they see these questions.

This will prevent these persons from being the "MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE NURSING PROFESSION" thus; bribery is eradicated because people who will tend to bribe the examiners will have no chance of doing so. This will also PREVENT review centers that are based on tips, leaks and trends from even guessing what’s next forcing them to concentrate on giving PURE KNOWLEDGE and not mnemonically tips and techniques on answering the exam.

Review centers should remain deregulated. We, STUDENTS choose review centers based on students' feedback and not with the questionable standards set by CHED. Why should we believe on the standards they set? Isn't it the same standard that flunked the nursing profession to it's lowest quality ever in the history of this country?

as to my personal experience, definitely it helped me coz i was forced to review and i had to sacrifice everything because i really want to graduate and eventually take the board...though it was really toxic for me coz you have to study for your subjects plus the review plus the completion of your cases plus your duties..well the effort was worth it coz i passed..and thats why whats happening now is unfair..

I completely agree with you budek... kung may standard man ang CHED hindi ko ito nararamdaman. kaya nagka leakage dahil examination na eh pagala gala pa mga hinayupak na BON na yan dapat i quarantine ang mga yan ng mahabang panahon... bayaran nalang sila ng malaki kapalit ng isolation. Tama ka rin sa seasonal examiners, para walang suhulan blues. May topak talaga ang ched tama ba namang ang mga review centers ang i required na mag patayo ng colleges, as if madali iyon.

Yes, your right budek. Review centers should be regulated but NOT be close down. Hindi ba nakikita ng ating mambabatas kung e require nila ang mga studyante to take their reviews in their school will they be assured of quality, fair, cheaper review? These schools would even charge more especially since their is no competition or choices anymore? I think they should have to study these serious implication before rushing to conclusion. Dahil ang kawawa dito is ang mga studyante sa kalahatan. I myself have reviewed in the local review center here in my province and I would say that their quality of teaching is good and charges were just right and fair.

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