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Deans, teachers reject BON offers

Deans, teachers reject BON offers

At least 19 out of 30 deans, department heads and leading faculty members of nursing colleges rejected the nomination by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to serve as chairmen and members of the Board of Nursing (BON), ABS-CBN’s Bandila reported Monday.

PRC chairwoman Leonor Tripon-Rosero said the commission chose to nominate leaders in the nursing community who can contribute to the profession by serving as BON members.

The names were submitted to the Philippine Nursing Association (PNA) to replace the BON members who resigned en masse after the leakage at the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination.

Those who rejected the nomination said they have no confidence with the present PRC leadership.

Bandila reported that some of those who were nominated to be BON members are among those who petitioned to stop the oath taking of nurses who took part in the June 2006 exams.

The BON is comprised of 30 members and a head. Eighteen out of 30 means the PRC will not be able to constitute a proper board to organize and administer the December nursing licensure examinations.

A typical letter of refusal, sent to PRC chairwoman Leonor Tripon-Rosero, is quoted below. It is from the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing dean, assistant dean and two faculty members.

UST Dean Glenda A. Vargas, RN, MAN, Assistant Dean Susan N. Maravilla, RN, MAN, faculty member Inocencia Ida S. Tionko, RN, MHPEd, and Zenaida E. Famorca, RN, MPH, began their letter declaring that "as a matter of principle, we are not accepting the nomination for the position of Chairman/Member of the Board of Nursing, because the manner by which the Professional Regulation Commission handled the leakage in the June 2006 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination does not show good faith on your part, to say the least."

They gave the following as their bases:

1. As early as June 13, 2006, or a day after the board examination, UST faculty member Mila Delia Llanes alerted a member of the board about the leakage. On June 17, 2006, the board got a copy of a blue spiral manuscript evidencing that 90 questions in Test V were leaked. The Baguio group furnished the board and PRC copies of the evidences of leakage within the week after the exam. On June 21, 2006, the PRC issued an official statement that there was no leakage and that widespread allegations about it were sparked by "intense rivalry among the owners of review centers." From this PRC statement, we now have the strong perception that had the complainants not persisted in the effort to pursue their complaint, the leakage issue would have been swept under the rug.

2. In spite of sober appeals to delay the release of the examination results, the PRC proceeded with its publication. This act cast a cloud of doubt over the competence of the current board passers. With the statistical treatment adopted by the PRC, even the examination results are now being questioned.

3. The PRC swiftly conducted an oath-taking of the board passers to overtake the action of the judicial branch on the issue of validity of the results of the board examination. This was in utter bad taste, a display of efforts to circumvent the law.

4. Your list of nominees comprises mostly the nursing professionals who have expressed their disagreement on the manner by which the PRC is handling this issue. The board is supposed to regulate the entry of applicants into the nursing profession. And we do not wish to occupy such a position amid a lack of confidence in the very system of regulation that the PRC and the board are implementing. No one can question our willingness to sacrifice for our profession. If we were not highly committed, we would have given up on this issue long before."

The others who rejected their nominations or expressed reservations were:

Marilyn Lorenzo, UP NIH; Tresita Barcelo, Thelma Corcega, Cara Añonuevo, UP College of Nursing; Carmelita Divinagracia and Lucia Soltes, UERMMMC; Annabelle Borromeo, FEU; Leonora Reyes, Lyceum of the Philippines; Grace Balderrama, Mapua College of Nursing; Grace Lacanaria, St. Louis University-Baguio; Erlinda Palaganan, TP Baguio; Ruth Tingda, Easter College, Baguio; Marco Sto. Tomas, St. Joseph College, Cavite City.

These officials and faculty members are looked up to in the nursing profession. With a report from The Manila Times


The Nursing Act of 2002 empowers the Board of Nursing (BON) to implement nursing licensure examinations. It is the BON, not PRC, that is mentioned by the law. Thus, while PRC has regulatory supervision on licensure exams by virtue of the law creating it, BON, I suppose, has the primary power and responsibility to implement the Nursing Act, and it can, under this law, assert its powers and make a stand whenever needed. If they are correct, not even PRC can overrule them. If PRC will improperly try to do so, then BON members can resign en masse to prove their point--with embarrassment to PRC to boot.

In the 2006 nursing exam, PRC and BON were of the same wave length, which is why what the nursing deans and teachers are complaining about took place. If they were the ones at BON instead, what they abhor now would not have happened. So, where's the problem?

If they sincerely want to protect and promote the integrity of the nursing professsion through, first and foremost, an honest and effective board exam system, then they should not hesitate to TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION by accepting the jobs at BON. This is the attidue of effective managers who make things happen, not sulk in a corner and wait for others to clean the mess. They have taken the first step in protecting the integrity of the nursing profession, why don't they finish what they started?

Incidentally, if they find fault among PRC and BON people, they should not make 2006 passers suffer for it. If at all, they have to realize that the passers are among the victims in this mess.

M. Tecson

well said M. Tecson

This 19 former BON member were full of pride. They are almost asking for the head of all 17,000. 00 students more or less to please their illusion of integrity and honesty and the make believe stigma.

If you really mean to cleanse your members of these anomalies, I think cleansing must start from the beginning of the Nursing profession. Surrender your license and take the lead among students to retake board exam for we strongly believed that this has been taking place and happening many years already. Don't just wash your face to make you smell good but bath the entire body for sure that no bad odor is coming out from you!

Once again, tell us and all the students that you are not afraid of what you are asking for, and show them all that you can afford to do what you are telling them to do. Retake must start from the starts and to all the years of Nursing profession because 2006 nursing board exam leakage is just a symptoms that happened without having it's precedence...

Just a piece of advice to Mrs.Rosero.. If those (19) people rejected your offer don't mind them. They are not the last resort/ solution to the present problem with regards to the manning of the BON. There are plenty of Deans all throughout the Philippines who also have good reputation. Please do not limit your criteria to those from UP, UST, FEU or UERMMC.

Yes, retake by the complaining deans and others in the nursing profession who think that the 2006 passers are below their level is not such a bad idea.

If they insist on retake, let it be inclusive of them to show once and for all that they passed prior years' exams without cheating! The stigma of dishonor that they ascribe to 2006 passers are similarly attributable to them--because only the most naive among us will believe that there were no cheatings during the licensure exams of the complaining nursing deans and teachers.

Remember, we are all talking of PERCEPTION--not necessarily verfiable facts--their unproven PERCEPTION that the 2006 passers are incompetent, as well as the 2006 passers' similarly unproven PERCEPTION that those ahead of them are no better than them and are inclusive of beneficiaries of cheating. If the complaining deans and others think that only a retake will erase the doubts against 2006 passers, then only a retake will erase the similar doubts against them previous years' passers. While by law they cannot be forced to do so because of prescription, let them waive their rights before the law and do a retake to erase all doubts against both old and new passers--for the sake of the nursing profession that they profess to love and protect!

Well said, 3:31 PM poster. While the first comment showed that the PRIMA DONNA deans are not right in rejecting the offer to them if indeed they are sincere in their effort to promote the integrity of the nursing profession, fact is, you are quite right, hindi naman sila lang ang nandiyan. Now, if they still don't want to help or cooperate, it can be said that it was already explained to them that they are not right in rejecting the offer, yet they still rejected it, SO KAYO, HANGGANG SA SALITA LANG, SA GAWA KULANG. You forfeit your moral right to preach to us from hereon, you have no moral ascendancy over us from hereon.

The Philippine licensure examination system can very well do without them. Di sila puedeng magmalaki. They are not carrying the brunt of the nursing profession because their student population is relatively small. There are many other deans whose job is more difficult and could not show better overall performance for the simple reason that their student popoulation is big--but they can compare favorably with the deans of UP, UE, and UST. PRC should tap among them those who can similarly clean the Aegean stable of the nursing exam system.

putak ng putak sila na ndi malinis yung BON yung PRC. ayan na yung chance nila na pagandahin, ayaw naman nila tangapin! mga mukhang pera din naman pla sila... daming excuses. mga ilagay dapat jan si tinda lacanaria, sto tomas, at si divinagracia. para wala na silang masabi sa december!

Paano baka takot sila, di nila kaya. They maybe good deans or teachers, but not good administrators of a government office like BON. Mabibisto sila.

"Pride", the worst of all sins.. Remember that all you catholic hypocrites! In the end, you'll all burn in hell for the sufferings of the innocent.

I believe in what M Tecson has to say here.
All they can ever do is TALK & COMPLAIN...
Which just goes to show that they really have their own selfish motives behind all these.

Ako na lang dapat ang BON haha. I think we need young BON members wahahaha. para updated naman utak :p

Sa SALITA, gusto nilang linisin ang nursing licensure exam. Gaya ng nasabi na, they can do so with blanket authority under the Nursing Act of 2002. Tama ang ginawang pag-offer sa kanila ng vacated positions sa BON. Ngayon ay binibigyan sila ng pagkakataon na gawin ang sinasabi nila.

Pag hindi nila tinanggap, ibig sabihin sa DALDAL lang sila magaling, sa tunay na MALASAKIT sa propesyon ay wala sila!

Ang alam lang nila na solution ay retake, yung tunay na solution na dapat gawin ng BON, di nila siguro alam kaya nagdadahilan sila.


In today’s EDITORIAL of the PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER, the Philippine Government decided to pay the Supreme-Court-required P3 billion down payment to PIATCO so it can “ASSSUME CONTROL” of the Naia 3 terminal. “What is important is to have control…. Control…allows the government to…prepare it for use at the soonest possible time.”

This is probably what M. Tecson meant when he said that the complaining deans and teachers who professed care for the nursing profession should accept the examiner positions in BON, that they “SHOULD TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION.” Assuming CONTROL of the nursing licensure examination system will give them their needed opportunity to reform the system, instead of merely criticizing what BON examiners are doing.

The complaining deans and teachers declined the examiner positions in BON for the WRONG REASON: that they did not like the way PRC officials handled the nursing exam scandal. This suggests lack of full grasp of the situation. Indeed, the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 gave BON examiners--not PRC officials--broad powers in the exercise of their functions, including the conduct of nursing exams. There is no reason why, as BON examiners, they cannot do what is needed in reforming the nursing exam system--if they really know what they are doing, including what their powers are.

If they will not accept the offered BON positions, fine. Unfortunately, we are a replaceable commodity. There are others who can do it. However, one thing will be certain with respect to the complaining deans and teachers: PURO SILA SALITA, KULANG SILA SA GAWA.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial referred to is on page A12 of its September 16, 2006 issue.

The complaining deans and teacher arrogantly believed that that they are the center of the Universe. As if everything will not work out and materialized without them, that everything must be done according to their own illusion and perception. they are almost likely telling everyone that withour them means death of Nursing profession...

Diyan sila nagkamali. Nobody is indispensable--not even the President--sila pa kaya!

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