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Retake of nursing exam likely confined in leakage areas determined by NBI — Malacañang

Retake of nursing exam likely confined in leakage areas determined by NBI — Malacañang


Malacañang yesterday said a retake of the nursing licensure examinations last June, if any, would likely be confined in areas in Luzon identified by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) as places where contents of the nursing board exams were leaked.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the NBI has submitted an initial report to Malacañang on its investigation on the exam leakage.

Ermita said the NBI has already pinpointed several areas in Luzon where the leakage took place, but the bureau had requested for another week to finish its investigation on the controversy and submit a final report on the culpability of officials and other private individuals.

The NBI had initially set a deadline of Aug. 31 for it to conclude its investigations on the cheating that marred the nursing licensure examinations last June. But the bureau later requested for the deadline to be extended up to next week, which was accepted by Malacañang.

Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman Ignacio Bunye said the NBI needs the additional time to compile evidence and file criminal charges before the Department of Justice against those suspected of involvement in the case.

Meanwhile, Bunye said the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), which is conducting another investigation on the cheating in the nursing board exams, is preparing administrative charges against nursing board examiners for alleged negligence.

"The PRC’s preliminary findings show that examiners Virginia Madeja and Anesia Dionisio can be administratively sanctioned for violation of Section 15 A and B of RA 8981, the Act for the Modernization of the PRC. Their violation consists of negligence," Bunye said.

PRC vows to continue probe of nursing test scandal


The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) yesterday reiterated its commitment to continue its investigation on the leakage in the June 2006 nursing board examinations. The body likewise assured that it is implementing strategies to ensure the integrity of future exams.

In an update, the PRC said its preliminary investigation did not found sufficient evidence of a leakage.

PRC officials assured, however, that they will continue to investigate the issue until they get to the heart of the controversy.

Based on the initial results of the probe, only the manuscripts containing 300 or so questions in Test III and 500 questions in Test V were leaked to the examinees before the examination, contrary to the complaint that a PRC staff in Baguio leaked actual questions consisting of 100 randomly selected items during the printing of the test questions.

This came after a careful scrutiny of evidence presented by the reviewees and complainants to the investigating body.

"The actual test questions that were alleged to come from the Baguio Office were submitted to the PRC Central office after the examination. This is in violation of PRC internal procedures requiring the shredding of papers after each test but not enough evidence to conclude a leakage," the statement said.

It further stated that in the inquiries among PRC staff in the confidential room where the printing was done, there were no indications that the printed tests were brought out when a staff member, who has been pinpointed as the source of the leak, went out of the office.

The staff member cited the need for funding requirements as the reason for leaving the office, which was in deviation of standard procedures. The staff member is now being investigated.

The body is also calling on additional witnesses to corroborate the allegations made during the hearings at the House of Representatives to further shed light on the issue.

"The PRC is expecting the NBI investigation to yield other persons in addition to the board members implicated in the leakage," the statement said.

The PRC report was issued by chairman Eufemia Octaviano, members Remedios Fernandez and Esterlita Gatura, together with chairperson Leonor T. Rosero and Commissioner Avelina dela Rea.

The Board of Nursing also aired its appeal for understanding on its move to downgrade Test V and remove the leaked questions, saying that it was a necessary move to restore the integrity of the examination.

"The test framework still contained the same subjects in different tests," the Board assured.


since tinanggal nga ng PRC ang me leaked questions sana ipublished nila kung ano yung iniwan nilang questions with answers para alam ng lahat.
Puro kasi salita pero sila lang din naman ang nakakaalam lang.


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