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CESOs support retake of nurses board exam

CESOs support retake of nurses board exam
By Jessie R. Valdez

San Fernando City, La Union (10 October) -- The welfare and well-being of Filipino nurses and other Filipino professionals was foremost in the mind of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she ordered a retake of tests 3 and 5 of the recent nursing board examinations reported to be tainted by leakage and cheating.

This was the view of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Director Guerrero N. Cirilo, Career Executive Service Officer (CESO 2) when sought by the Philippine Information Agency here.

In ordering a repeat of the examination, President Arroyo wants to preserve the high respect international employers have for Filipino nurses and other Filipino professionals.

Lawyer Cirilo, former labor attaché, said the palatable image of Filipino workers abroad hinges on their globally competitive skills, honesty, industry, positive work values and good command of English. These make them among the best workers in the world, pound for pound, Cirilo said.

The positive image of Filipino professionals in the global market has to be preserved if we hope to see our country to continuously enjoy the OFW $12-billion yearly remittances which has strengthened the Philippine economy, Cirilo said.

Cirilo opined the employment facilitation function of DOLE and the personal qualification of DOLE Secretary Arturo Brion as legal luminary ( bar topnotcher and former Court of Appeals Justice) may have prompted the President to pick on Brion to draft the executive order directing a repeat of the nurses board examination. (PIA La Union)

In ordering a repeat of the examination, President Arroyo wants to preserve the high respect international employers have for Filipino nurses and other Filipino professionals.

Punishing the innocent,yn ba ang gusto nyong pag preserve ng integrity?Buti pa si Cong Fuentebella naiintndhan nya ang mga pinagdadaan ng mga passers,d tulad ng mga governtment officials dyn.

Misleading ang news article ! It was only a ESO employed at DOLE who was qouted, so how come it was reported as like it was the stand of the entire CESO people?

Another irresponsible reporting.


Anonymous said...
Mga kasama, nakuha ko ito sa ABS-CBN Forum. Maramin ang pro-retake doon. Di gaya dito, iilang tao lang nagpopost na anti-retake at parang maramin sila.


This is good for humor DH but seriously, the cabinet used a simple Cost Benefit Analysis and had a look at statistics to justify the retake. This is how it probably went:

What is at stake here? The reputation and integrity of around 137,000 Filipino health care workers deployed worldwide, mostly in the middle east, north America, Europe (specially UK), Netherlands, high income asia, and future japan. These nurses remit an average of $ 2.2 Billion US Dollars per annum.

How much will is cost to fund the retake of 17,821 nurses? Inclusive of logistics, lunch and some pocket money to take home? Less than $ 2 Million US Dollars. That’s quite cheap isn’t it?

What can we further gain with a retake? The continued outflow of approximately 13,000 nurses per annum, in addition to the 137,000 who will get to keep their jobs after a retake. The Philippines will continue to enjoy an inflow of over 2$ Billion US Dollars, which is also increasing by approximately $200,000 Million US dollars per annum, at an accelerating rate. Most priceless of all is the peace of mind that Filipinos will continue to be the most trusted race to fill in the ever increasing demand of registered nurses in the future.

Considering these figures, seems like a retake is not such a bad deal for the Philippines after all?
I therefore propose that we change the title of this forum to "LET'S DO A RETAKE!!! - JUSTICE FOR ALL"""

4:30 PM

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