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Whistleblowers offer free nursing board review for retakers

Whistleblowers offer free nursing board review for retakers

By Vincent Cabreza

BAGUIO CITY -- Buffeted by criticism that they unnecessarily ignited the nursing board scandal, Baguio's nursing school deans have decided to offer free review sessions to licensure applicants who took the tainted June board examinations here.

University of the Philippines professor Erlinda Palaganas, a former governor of the Philippine Nurses Association, said the deans supported the 92 board examinees who exposed the test leakage.

She said the whistleblowers agreed to raise money to help subsidize the expenses of 6,000 Baguio examinees, who would retake the examinations in December.

"Free sessions were immediately on the table [of our discussions]," Palaganas said, as soon as President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo directed the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to invalidate Tests III and V of the June exams, and to let successful examinees retake these tests in December.

UP nursing professors advised the whistleblowers to organize the sessions because they had promised to offer "alternative review sessions" once government ordered a new set of tests, she said.

"There is time for the refresher course even though MalacaƱang again delayed the directive for a retake. The sessions will run for 24 days," Palaganas said.

The free sessions they are offering are open, she said, "even to clients of the Ray A. Gapuz Nursing Review Center, although we wouldn't know where they reviewed originally before they took the exams."

"They might find the same reviewers they encountered before if they took sessions offered by commercial review centers, but it is payback time, and [the reviewers] benefited from the nursing graduates for so long," she said.

The whistleblowers formally complained to the PRC that Gapuz's clients had circulated photocopies of the test questions on the day of the examinations.

The PRC traced the leakages to two examiners of the Board of Nursing. A series of congressional inquiries uncovered more evidence that linked other review centers to the alleged cheating.

But the investigation was sidetracked when PRC released the test results, said Palaganas.

She said MalacaƱang had failed to issue a stand because the preliminary issuance of the test results polarized the examinees into a group advocating that everyone take a new examination and a group opposed to a retake.

Arroyo agreed to the retake option last week only to backpedal it days later. Palace officials said the government wanted the National Bureau of Investigation to complete its investigation before the Palace makes a decision.


Ang babait naman ng mga whistleblowers sa Baguio. Sincere sila sa efforts nila. Kaya di natin sila matira. Di gaya ng UST- gusto lang retake. Magbibigay din ba sila ng free reviews? Tara let's na sa Baguio. Kaya lang, ayoko pala.

NO RETAKE pa rin!

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