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Palace retribution must target review centers

Palace retribution must target review centers


The debate on whether the scandal-plagued 2006 nursing board examinations should be set again in its entirety or partially raged for much of last week with the same sort of intensity that Typhoon Milenyo was whipping up a storm days earlier.

At least Malacañan gave some minor respite to the beleaguered batch 2006 nurses (now facing the prospect of being heartbreakingly reduced to nursing students again) whose lives and careers have been held in unbearable and unfair suspense for far too long, by decreeing that they will not have to pay all over again the P1,000-plus fees to the Professional Regulatory Commission (one of the villains of this disgraceful episode) for retaking the exams.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye’s fighting words "that those who are guilty will bear the brunt of retribution" should mean one thing, and one thing alone: Malacañan should ensure that the two review centers at the center of this unseemly academic morass, Gapuz and Inress, are stripped of any personality in the retake of the examinations, should it eventually come to that.

According to our sources in the nursing profession, attending closed-door cramming sessions at a review center a day or two prior to taking the exams is regarded to be a tried and tested prerequisite to any hope of success. (Though in the light of what transpired this year cynics would claim that’s because the questions are discreetly leaked to those locked in with the favored review centers!)

Well, anyway, considering that the examinees who, in most cases are financially hard-pressed to fork over up to P40, 000 to the review centers for the privilege, it will be an unthinkable obscenity if the two review centers at the heart of this scandal are allowed to snigger all the way to the bank on the back of their own alleged skullduggery.


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