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truth behind the scene... nursing controversy...

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truth behind the scene... nursing controversy...

Mr. Luis Tadle, president of the Faculty Association of UST College of Nursing (not a nurse but a Rizal subject professor) has been spreading lies on national tv c/o abs-cbn, I’m sure some of you have seen it… (it’s also in the newspaper since Saturday pa…) He said that BON chairman has been leaking questions to Visayas region. Ma’am Octaviano has been BON chairman for the past 7 years, so 7 years na palang may leakage… Everyone then starting from our batch to batch 1998 should RETAKE!!! (that’s according to Mr. Tadle of UST)
Mr. Luis Tadle and Angelo Brant (one of UST cum laude but flunked the Nursing Board last june 2006) were the ‘petitioners of TRO (Temporary Restraining Order)’ to the Court of Appeals, putting on hold the ‘oathtaking of 17,000 + board passers which was scheduled sana last 22 Aug…
Grabe ang UST in their frustration to get into the ‘top ten’ in the Nursing boards, and 3 of their cum laude’s failing the exam, sobrang mina-manipulate nila ang media… calling for RETAKE of All tests of NLE… for UST 'if you can beat them, pull them ALL down...'
We found out also, that the UST Dean is a “reviewer” at INRESS (the alleged review center involved in leakage, owned by Cordero)… kaya pala tahimik ang dean ng UST at si Mr. Tadle ang pinahaharap nila, e sila din pala ay may kinalaman sa leakage because close friend ng UST dean si Cordero…
Some facts:
11-12 June 2006 - NLE was held nationwide…
15 June 2006 – Baguio ‘whistle blowers’ filed complaint in PRC for alleged leakage in Test 3
& 5 distributed to Gapuz reviewees in Baguio
02 July 2006 - PRC addressed issue by hiring statistician/s to check validity of complaint.
10 July 2006 - PRC decides to remove part of exams with leakage (Test 5 was excluded and part of Test 3)
19 July 2006 – 17,821 nurses pass exam, NLE result in the national papers was out…
17 August – 8am rushed Oathtaking of June 2006 board passers.
5pm TRO (file by Mr. Tadle’s group) was issued to PRC halting the oath taking scheduled on 22 August 2006.
TRUTH: With PRC’s exclusion of Test 5 and part of Test 3… The 2006 Nursing Board Exam (or NLE, National Licensure Exam) was already LEAKAGE FREE prior to the issuance of TRO to PRC on August 17,2006!
Why UST & company is pushing it hard to retake tests III & V?

UST’s real agenda is to RETAKE test III at all costs.
----This is where most of their examinees failed.

But how can they justify a retake of test III if there where only 20 items leaked?
----They would now have to include test V so that the integrity of the exam would be questionable & thus a possible RETAKE may be implemented.

Why not test I, II & IV but only test V?
----Tests I, II & IV are tests where the examinees faired well but would be hard to repeat. We all know that test V is the easiest test of all to repeat. So they opt for test V.

How can this be possible?

UST had the leakage prior the
examination & had a copy of the whole examination after the exams. They have studied well how to go about the situation in case the turnout of the results would be unacceptable to them. They have already fabricated leakages for emergency purposes. Right now they are threatening to expose alleged leakages of tests I & II of which they fabricated.

It is a fact that right after the exams, examinee from all colleges where cursing test III. UST thought they had the backing of all the examinees.

So what about the Baguio complainants?
---- They never thought that they will not pass that exam. If they did, they wouldn’t have complained. Where are they now? Only a few of the original complainants are pushing for a RETAKE. There was a column wherein Atty. Yangot said: If only she knew PRC was bent for optional retake, they would have accepted it.

How about the other complainants?
---- All others are riding the issue just to pursue their personal

Dante Ang –--- frustrated after 7 years of NCLEX officials not choosing the Philippines as a testing site. (He makes it appear that this leakage was the reason. The real reason was ‘National Security’…). If NCLEX choose us to be a testing site, there would be lot of opprtunities for Dante Ang & GMA to make a lot of money for their own. From transporation to accomodation & more.

ADCPN & other PNA –--- Simply put, they want the BON, PRC officials out. They want somebody else from their own to be placed instead.

UP dean –--- She wants to boast that her school is the best having 100% passing. She wants her students to be the 1st choice for being hired because the competition is tough. (but UP grads have 2 years contract to stay & work in phils right after graduation)

Senators Gordon & others –--- Gordon is grandstanding to make it appear that he can rid this country of scams & irregularities. If you knew nothing,
Gordon would really appear good in the eyes of the public. As for the others, it is the same while some others are just plain dumb to understand. The presidency Mr. Gordon?

The MEDIA –--- well, Manila Times is Dante Ang, ABS-CBN is for the cum laudes of UST who failed the exams.



On the retake of test 3, worst case, it should be a retake of 20 QUESTIONS only corresponding to the 20 leaked and invalidated questions. As between a measly 20 leaked questions invalidating test 3 and more numerous 80 clean questions validating it, it should be the latter case--that is simple logic and common sense!!!

The passers have earned vested rights on the 80 remaining valid questions in test 3 which they passed, and nobody can take their rights away from them. If the President will issue an Executive Order including retake of entire test 3 composed of 100 questions, then that Executive Order can be questioned before the Courts, especially if we consider that there is still a pending case before the Court of Appeals. This will certainly derail the fast tracking of retake by the government!

As for the 5 new witnesses by Prof. Tadle, are they passers or flunkers? If flunkers, how come?

As for Mr. Dante Ang, if passers did not have grades on the invalidated leaked questions, it will be a case of suspended verdict--the passers may or may not be incompetent, we don’t know for sure--but the passers do. It is wrong then for him to immediately prejudge them as incompetent! On the contrary, it should be more a case of the passers being competent as they hurdled what many others failed to pass. This fact those with ulterior motive refuse to concede.

As for UST, the university top management officials ought to be asked why they condoned no-retake of physical therapist exam in 1996 but now they are doggedly pursuing the nursing retake? Do they want a retake of the entire examination to give them a chance of erasing the blot or STIGMA in their record (sila pala ang may STIGMA!)--the flunking of their honor graduates in the last nursing exams?


This is a completely malicious intent to descredit UST's reputation and integrity as one of most trusted and comptent universities in the Phils. with long 400 years of excellent education tradition.

Do you think the school management run by the Catholic fathers endanger their reputation just for these nursing bragadoo attain their objectives? I dont think so. You better watch your word, because you know how many millions of alumnus from these school was damaged by your irresponsible comment. I may not from UST but I have great admiration and respect of the way these school been performing and upholding their standard for the past years.

to harrison:

except for this year's nursing board exam... and 1996 PT licensure... the facts speak for itself...

guess you should dig more on the issue...

- who sponsored DENNIS BAUTISTA (flunker from PCHS) interview with the media people?
- what's the reason why UST filed the TRO last 17 Aug?

it's either you're not a board passer... or you simply do not want to listen to the truth...

Harrison, the school is RUN by the likes of TADLE that fools their priests

Anonymous said...
Mga kasama, nakuha ko ito sa ABS-CBN Forum. Maramin ang pro-retake doon. Di gaya dito, iilang tao lang nagpopost na anti-retake at parang maramin sila.


This is good for humor DH but seriously, the cabinet used a simple Cost Benefit Analysis and had a look at statistics to justify the retake. This is how it probably went:

What is at stake here? The reputation and integrity of around 137,000 Filipino health care workers deployed worldwide, mostly in the middle east, north America, Europe (specially UK), Netherlands, high income asia, and future japan. These nurses remit an average of $ 2.2 Billion US Dollars per annum.

How much will is cost to fund the retake of 17,821 nurses? Inclusive of logistics, lunch and some pocket money to take home? Less than $ 2 Million US Dollars. That’s quite cheap isn’t it?

What can we further gain with a retake? The continued outflow of approximately 13,000 nurses per annum, in addition to the 137,000 who will get to keep their jobs after a retake. The Philippines will continue to enjoy an inflow of over 2$ Billion US Dollars, which is also increasing by approximately $200,000 Million US dollars per annum, at an accelerating rate. Most priceless of all is the peace of mind that Filipinos will continue to be the most trusted race to fill in the ever increasing demand of registered nurses in the future.

Considering these figures, seems like a retake is not such a bad deal for the Philippines after all?
I therefore propose that we change the title of this forum to "LET'S DO A RETAKE!!! - JUSTICE FOR ALL"""

4:30 PM

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