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Calls for ‘thorough probe’ of nursing test leak grow louder

Calls for ‘thorough probe’ of nursing test leak grow louder
By TJ Burgonio
Last updated 08:56pm (Mla time) 10/08/2006

CALLS for a more "thorough investigation'' of the nursing licensure examination leakage grew louder on Sunday after fresh evidence of a more extensive leakage covering four subjects in the five-part exam and involving more than two review centers surfaced.

Rene Luis Tadle, president of the faculty association of the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing, pressed the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to conduct a more exhaustive investigation to come up with credible results, which he said, were crucial to restoring the board exam's integrity.

“The NBI should thoroughly investigate the case without whitewash,'' he said in an interview. “That's the only way we can come up with results that are credible and acceptable to all. What's important is that we're able to preserve the NLE and restore its credibility.''

Senator Panfilo Lacson, who has regained chairmanship of the investigating civil service committee, asked Malacañang not to rush the NBI into wrapping up its investigation and submitting its findings within the week.

“The investigation should be exhaustive so we can pinpoint those who are responsible. The NBI should not be rushed into finishing its investigation in view of fresh evidence that the leakage was more extensive,'' he said in an interview.

Senators Edgardo Angara and Richard Gordon had earlier called for a more thorough investigation.

The NBI is expected to wrap up its investigation Monday. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has deferred any action on the planned retake pending the submission of the NBI report.

As the agency was winding up its investigation, five nursing graduates who took the board exam surfaced last week and claimed that questions in Tests I and II, covering fundamentals of nursing and maternal and child health, had been leaked to them. They submitted affidavits to the NBI.

Until then, evidence so far presented to the Senate and the NBI had shown that the leakage covered only Tests III and V, now the proposed subject of any retake.

Tadle said this was proof that cheating in the June 11to 12 exam was widespread and not confined only to Luzon. Daryl Joel Dumdum, a nursing board reviewer from Davao City, corroborated this, saying he has received information that questions were also leaked in Davao and Tacloban cities.

Tadle said he doesn't expect the NBI to take long to investigate the new evidence, saying that it could ``detect leakage'' by merely comparing the witnesses' manuscripts of the leaked questions with the actual test questions.

As per their account to Tadle, the five nursing graduates were instructed ``to go to a place'' where they were informed about questions that would appear in the actual exams, and were coached on the key words of a question and its answer.

They told Tadle that they got 50 questions for each of the two tests.

“Yes, it's different review center,'' Tadle said, when asked if the source of the leaked questions for Tests I and II was different from the INRESS review center in Manila and the Gapuz review center in Baguio City, which had been previously linked to the leakage.

“So we would expect more names in the review center industry to come out. And we agree with everyone that there's a need to punish those involved,'' he added.

Lacson set the next hearing on the leakage for Thursday and planned to invite Tadle and, if possible, the five new witnesses who exposed the leakage in the two other subjects.

hoy TADLE!!!



Yes a thorough investigation shld be conducted including UST... we gathered that UST dean of nursing is REVIEWER at INRESS during the 2006 NLE... if she is reviewer at INRESS then most likely UST benefited from leakage that spread in INRESS...

We now understand why MR. Luis Tadle, NOT a NURSE but a Rizal Prof is fronting as head of UST NUrsing Faculty... Aside their frustrations of not being included in the top ten schools, 3 cum laudes failed the June 2006 board exam from UST... and the UST DEAN of Nursing is reviewer in INRESS and close friend to Cordero owner of INRESS... such is life...
'if you can beat them, pull them all down...'



1) It has been a fact that the (100) one hundred item test III has been leaked of only (20) twenty questions.
2) It has been a fact that PRC released the results for all the tests EXCLUDING the 20 leaked questions of test III.
3) Then it is also a fact that the remaining (80) eighty questions of test 3 are VALID.
4) Any evidence presented beyond what has been presented before can be a product of FABRICATION.


1) To pass the NLE, an examinee must average a minimum of 75% from the entire Examination from tests I to V (a total of 500 items).
2) But if an examinee averages 75% or higher but fails to reach the minimum 60% in any (1) one of the tests from tests I to V, the examinee may retake that test alone where he/she was not able to reach 60%. It is termed “conditionally passed”.
3) If an examinee fails to reach 60% on (2) two tests from test I to V, he/she automatically fails the entire examination.


Examinee A’s (Passed June 2006 NLE) grades are as follows:

Test I 80 (valid because of no leakage)
Test II 78 (valid because of no leakage)
Test III 76 (valid because of excluded leakage) Remember, this is 76/80 not 76/100
Test IV 75 (valid because of no leakage)
Test V 75 (invalid because of leakage)
AVE 76.8 (invalid because incomplete)

So if examinee A passed Tests I, II, IV (all without leakage) & test III (by passing said test excluded of the leakage), then the examinee “may have the option” to retake only test V or both tests III & V.

Examinee B’s (Passed June 2006 NLE) grades are as follows:

Test I 85 (valid because of no leakage)
Test II 81 (valid because of no leakage)
Test III 60 (valid because of excluded leakage) Remember, this is 60/80 not 60/100
Test IV 83 (valid because of no leakage)
Test V 75 (invalid because of leakage)
AVE 76.8 (invalid because incomplete)

So if examinee B passed Tests I, II, IV (all without leakage) & test III (by passing the minimum for the said test excluded of the leakage), then the examinee “may have the option” to retake only test V or both tests III & V.

Examinee C’s (Failed June 2006) grades are as follows:

Test I 72 (valid because of no leakage)
Test II 75 (valid because of no leakage)
Test III 78 (valid because of excluded leakage) Remember, this is 78/80 not 60/100
Test IV 77 (valid because of no leakage)
Test V 59 (invalid because of leakage)
AVE 72.2 (invalid because incomplete)

So if examinee C passed Tests I, II, IV (all without leakage) & test III (by passing the minimum for the said test excluded of the leakage), then the examinee “may have the option” to retake only test V or both tests III & V even if he failed the examination.

Examinee D’s (Failed June 2006) grades are as follows:

Test I 50 (valid because of no leakage)
Test II 45 (valid because of no leakage)
Test III 80 (valid because of excluded leakage) Remember, this is 80/80 not 60/100
Test IV 80 (valid because of no leakage)
Test V 100 (invalid because of leakage)
AVE 72.2 (invalid because incomplete)

So if examinee D failed Tests I & II (two sets of tests), he/she may no longer have the options to RETAKE the NLE with this June 2006 batch. However, he/she may RETAKE another NLE together with the December 2006 NLE or any NLE of her choice excluding this RETAKE for June 2006 NLE, and pay new application fees.

Examinee E’s (Passed or Failed June 2006) grades are as follows:

Test I 80 (valid because of no leakage)
Test II 80 (valid because of no leakage)
Test III 59 (invalid because it lacks 20 items) Remember, this is 59/80 not 59/100
Test IV 80 (valid because of no leakage)

So if examinee E passed Tests I, II & IV (all without leakage) & failed test III (due to lack of 20 items that was excluded), then the examinee may retake test III & test V, whether he failed or passed the June 2006 NLE.

WHY have the options to retake test III?

1) Not to retake of test III:
If you passed test III out of only 80 valid questions, then you are more than qualified to have passed that test because the needed points to pass either over 80 or over 100 questions where met. Remember, you only need 60 points to pass per test. It’s up to the examinee if he feels he has enough points to pass the total average of all the tests if he only takes test V.

2) To retake of test III:
Because 20 items where leaked & where excluded/invalidated, an examinee may feel that he could get more points if ever it was computed with a full 100 item test. So if he got 70/80, he/she may feel he/she could get maybe 90/100 & push his/her average score higher.

Best Parameters for a RETAKE:

1) For those who failed on (2) two or more tests/subjects excluding test III & test V, they must not be allowed to RETAKE the June 2006 NLE.
2) For those who passed or failed the June 2006 NLE with a minimum of only (1) test/subject that failed to reach the 60% passing mark excluding test III & test V, THEY HAVE TO RETAKE TEST V & MAY HAVE THE OPTION TO RETAKE TEST III.
3) If you are to RETAKE test III, only 20 items are to be retaken.
4) Schedule of the RETAKE should be done after the December NLE, to give time for at least a brief review. (Most June examinees are working odd jobs at the moment to make ends meet)

I do not favor a retake because it is unjust to the innocent, but if the government favors the unjustly call for a RETAKE, they could at least sort out the best parameters that would be fair to all concerned. It is indeed a poor judgment call by Gloria Arroyo, fueled by the propaganda & disinformation perpetuated by Mr. Dante Ang, the UST faculty especially Luis Tadle, the Dean from the UP college of nursing, the ADCPN, the senators & congressmen & worst of all, the MEDIA. All of them had different hidden agendas but only one UNJUST solution, to sacrifice the INNOCENT.


sulat para kay fr dela rosa of UST...

fr dela rosa,

imbestigahan nyo din po ang UST DEAN of Nursing at ang kanyang kaugnayan sa INRESS... bago po kayo mag-advise ng RETAKE...

baka talagang UST lang ang dapat mag-retake...

una, sa pagkahibang ng UST sa ranking ng schl sa NLE 10x RETAKE po yun!.

two, sa pagbagsak ng 3 cum laude... 3x RETAKE po yun!

tatlo, para sa pag-file ng TRO 17,000x kapalit na RETAKE po yun...

huli, ang pagpapa-interview ni tadle kay korina nung friday! puros kasinungalingan... at.... ang panget nya sa tv... 1000000x (to d 3rd power) RETAKE po yun!

100x100 times (to d 3rd power) UST should RETAKE NLE, pader!...bayad sa kanilang mga kasalanan sa June 2006 board passers!

tenk yu pader...

Why UST & company is pushing it hard to retake tests III & V?

UST’s real agenda is to RETAKE test III at all costs.
----This is where most of their examinees failed.

But how can they justify a retake of test III if there where only 20 items leaked?
----They would now have to include test V so that the integrity of the exam would be questionable & thus a possible RETAKE may be implemented.

Why not test I, II & IV but only test V?
----Tests I, II & IV are tests where the examinees faired well but would be hard to repeat. We all know that test V is the easiest test of all to repeat. So they opt for test V.

How can this be possible?

UST had the leakage prior the examination & had a copy of the whole examination after the exams. They have studied well how to go about the situation in case the turnout of the results would be unacceptable to them. They have already fabricated leakages for emergency purposes. Right now they are threatening to expose alleged leakages of tests I & II of which they fabricated.

It is a fact that right after the exams, examinee from all colleges where cursing test III. UST thought they had the backing of all the examinees.

So what about the Baguio complainants?
---- They never thought that they will not pass that exam. If they did, they wouldn’t have complained. Where are they now? Only a few of the original complainants are pushing for a RETAKE. There was a column wherein Atty. Yangot said: If only she knew PRC was bent for optional retake, they would have accepted it.

How about the other complainants?
---- All others are riding the issue just to pursue their personal agendas.

Dante Ang –--- frustrated after 7 years of NCLEX officials not choosing the Philippines as a testing site. (He makes it appear that this leakage was the reason). If NCLEX choose us to be a testing site, there would be lot of opprtunities for Dante Ang & GMA to make a lot of money for their own. From transporation to accomodation & more.

ADCPN & other PNA –--- Simply put, they want the BON, PRC officials out. They want somebody else from their own to be placed instead.

UP dean –--- She wants to boast that her school is the best having 100% passing. She wants her students to be the 1st choice for being hired because the competition is tough.

Senators Gordon & others –--- Gordon is grandstanding to make it appear that he can rid this country of scams & irregularities. If you knew nothing, Gordon would really appear good in the eyes of the public. As for the others, it is the same while some others are just plain dumb to understand. The presidency Mr. Gordon?

The MEDIA –--- well, Manila Times is Dante Ang, ABS-CBN is for the cum laudes of UST who failed the exams.


kung anong review center ang sangkot sa leakage kht my branches pa cla sa buong pilipinas,UNFAIR pa rn ang iparetake ang lahat.Dpat ang mgretake lng ay ung mga nkabenefit ng leakage or ung mga review center na involve.Dpat maisip dn nla na hindi lng iisa or dadalawa lng ang review center sa pilipinas.spare innocent from a retake.kelan pa ba naging tama ang parusahan ang inosente.God help the june 2006 passers of nle.Lord kw na bahala knila Mr.Tadle,UST,Mr. Dante Ang and etc.


This is so funny!! people throw false accusations to UST!! may pa FACT, FACT pa!! hahahaha!! Where is your proof?!! ALL HEARSAY!!! Oh well, basta ako, masaya ako kapag may RETAKE!! y?! because i believe in TRUE justice.. sino lang ba ang mag gain kapag walang RETAKE?!! eh di un mga pumasa at mga pamilya nito!!! eh kung may RETAKE sino ba?!! Eh d buong PILIPINO!! for a greater good daw ang no retake! PWE!!GISING!!BUHAY ang pinag-uusapan dito!! KALIMUTAN na muna natin ang DOLYAR!! BUHAY muna asikasuhin natin.. db yan nga naman talaga ang dapat sa Nursing!! magkaroon muna kayo ng CLEAR and HONEST CONSCIENCE!! Isipin nyo ang mga pasyenteng madadamay at ang sarili nyong propesyon.. Hindi lang SARILI nyo!! TAMA na muna ang maging SAKIM! itatak nyo sa makikitid nyong UTAK ang turo ni NIGHTINGALE!!


A alumna of UP and a concerned citizen as well.. UP lang po kami.. kayo?

Thank God someone posted a comment with a sense here.. i wonder y these people doesn't want a RETAKE? R they guilty that they are incompetent and ineffiecient and that it was just pure LUCK that they passed the NLE? People, think again.. We are dealing with lives here.. r u willing to sacrfice these patients just to gain your personal glory?! is that the real Nursing for you?! if that is the case then let's just change the name of Nursing to Cheating.. People cheat in the Boards and they Cheat the patients as well.. How sad the Fate of Nursing in the Philippines now.. I hope the government will have a decision in favor for a RETAKE.. stop politicking! serve the true justice to each and every Filipino..

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