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Palace swamped with angry text messages vs exam retake

Palace swamped with angry text messages vs exam retake

By Christine Avendaño
Last updated 09:28am (Mla time) 10/09/2006

NOT CONTENT with the media, some passers in the controversial nursing examinations and their parents have found another way to make sure their voices are heard by Malacañang.

They swamped the mobile phone of Presidential Chief of Staff Michael Defensor with hundreds of text messages to register their protest against the holding of an exam retake.

Some of the messages came at odd hours.

The text offensive has come at a time when President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her Cabinet are preparing to meet no Tuesday to decide whether to go ahead with their earlier decision to order a retake of the exam.

Malacañang is expected to take into consideration the findings of the National Bureau of Investigation on who among the more than 17,000 examinees who passed the June exams benefited from leaked test questions.

Defensor said on Sunday he had received about 300 text messages the past week from nursing students and their parents. Several messages came from Cebu province.

And all of them said they did not benefit from the leakage. They also wanted Ms Arroyo to know they opposed retaking the tests.

“There were some texters who argued why they should have to suffer when those who benefited from the leakage of the test questions were in Manila and Baguio,” Defensor said.

Other texters asked why Malacañang should believe the person who blew the whistle on the leak.

Defensor said three messages came from “angry” texters who said it was unfair of the Palace to order a retake of the exam. One of the texters was from Cebu and another from Capiz province.

“I told them I understand how they were feeling and for them to be patient as we will try to resolve the issue fairly,” Defensor said.


After all that has been said and done, by everyone involved in the Nursing board exam controversy. There is still no clear resolution on the issue until today. The latest news is that Visayas and Mindanao got hold of the leakage also thru known review centers. Another development is that Tests 1 and 2 were also tainted. So, we won’t be surprised if in the coming days Test 4 will be included as dirty also.

Malacanang is trying to be firm with the problem and obviously playing safe with its decisions. Senate, Congress, NBI, PRC, and all the principled School officials have their own solutions and suggestions.

If we look back, this issue started from Baguio. An accusation, that there was leakage. PRC reacted by removing the said weight of the leaked portion of the exams and recomputed the grades. So as to maintain the integrity of the Test. Deans and some school officials enumerated their objections to it. Then everything was history .Now the concern is the 42,006 examinees or should we say the 42,006 victims?

These victims as we know went thru a lot to be able to take the exams and did their best to make it. Some decided to enroll on review centers, some just studied on their own. If we are to put ourselves in the examinees shoes? Whether we like it or not. All the sample questions given by anybody, Teachers, Deans, review centers, or whoever? May it be photocopied, shown by PowerPoint presentation, emailed or even sent as text. What the poor student’s basic instinct is to look at it, read it, or even memorize it? This is due to the fact that they were conditioned that the board exam is very hard to pass. So, they will hold on to anything that they deem helpful. Conclusion is the examinees are all innocent in their own right.

The “Better Solution” to this problem is to count all the questions answered by the 42,006 innocent examinees. Release the results as soon as possible. Then punish those people that are going to be proven guilty. By using the full force of the Law. From here we save money, time, effort, etc.
Now we have to remember that the people who made the exams, and also the one’s who decided on how to deal with the problem for the past 4 months or so, and the review centers who paid huge amount of money to be able to get hold of these leaked questions for the sake of their own businesses. Are the real culprits and the ones without Integrity and tainted. Not the 42,006 victims…


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