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Critical report on nurses’ exam out today

Critical report on nurses’ exam out today

A REPORT by the National Bureau of Investigation today will determine whether all or only some of the nurses who passed the tainted June licensure exam will retake it.

NBI Director Nestor Mantaring is expected to submit his agency’s findings to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who has given Labor Secretary Arturo Brion oversight authority over the Professional Regulation Commission, the agency administering the test.

The bureau’s findings are expected to help authorities determine if the repeat test will be held nationwide or confined to Luzon, where officials said test questions had been leaked to some examinees.

But Brion said he was inclined to have all examinees retake the test to remove all doubts on all those who had passed the test the first time around.

He said the President and the Cabinet also supported his suggestion to have the new test administered without waiting for a Court of Appeals ruling on a case filed against the results of the June test.

Officials have claimed that cheating happened only in Test 3 and 5, but it now appeared that there was cheating also in Test 1, 2 and 4. Some officials have previously suggested that any retest be confined to Test 3 and 5.

“Complicating the problem are the [media] reports that there was leakage in other sets of test,” Brion said.

“That is very worrisome. We will ask the National Bureau of Investigation to look into this.”

Commission on Filipinos Overseas Chairman Dante Ang said there were grounds to believe that test questions had also been leaked in the Visayas and Mindanao by the branches of Metro Manila-based review centers.

The labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines called for removing the head of the Professional Regulation Commission for the tainted June test.

Group secretary-general Ernesto Herrera said the leak happened because of the “patently inadequate ethical standards of the members of the commission and their outrageous handling of the mess.”

Another group, Alliance of Nurses and Nursing Students Working for Relevant Education and Service, said any government decision to order a retake of the June test would be calculated more to appease foreign clients than anything else.

“The fear of losing the credibility land marketability of our no. 1 export commodity was the factor behind the decision for a retake,” the group said in a statement. Fel V. Maragay, Rio N. Araja, Macon Ramos Araneta

Manila Standard Today


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