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The nursing exam leak, and justice for all
Last updated 04:38am (Mla time) 10/10/2006

I AM not a lawyer but I believe in our justice system. And if memory serves me right, a democratic country like ours gives equal justice to all. That is to punish those who done wrong and save the innocent.

The people involved in the leak of questions for the nursing licensure exam in June are dogs masquerading as professionals, trying to make money without a care on whether it is legal or illegal.

University of Santo Tomas faculty members are working so hard to save the dignity of the nursing association. Would they do the same if their cum laude graduate had made it to the top 10? I guess not.

Let us admit it, cheating or no cheating and leak or no leak, pass is pass and fail is fail. There is no question that the UST cum laude graduate was a brilliant student, but people are people and people are not perfect. In our lives, we fail as much as we succeed. Our courage is measured not on how we fall to the ground but on how we stand up again and face life.

Please stop being crabs. Politicians are into this issue, whether for preservation of dignity or just for the mere popularity; I guess it is more for the latter. When anything dignified is mixed with politics, it will drown and come down to nothing.

The Professional Regulation Commission has been in the middle of this thing since the leak started. Pressures from both sides bombarded it every second of the day, and yet it is firm on its decision, and that attitude should be the kind our President must have.

The Supreme Court and the National Bureau of Investigation are into this thing, investigating, looking at every angle possible, so that justice will be served. And these are the kind of people who should be using the word “dignity.”

We of Batch 2006 are victims of this great big crime. We do still believe in justice and we do still believe in our mentors, we still believe in our government, and we still believe in our higher courts.

Please let justice prevail.

MARJUN AGUSTIN, Suarez, Iligan City (via e-mail)

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