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GMA sets aside order on nursing retest

GMA sets aside order on nursing retest


President Arroyo yesterday changed her decision for a partial retake of the scandal-tainted June nursing licensure examinations, mostly because of the protest of many nursing examinees.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the President has decided to wait for the results of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probe on the leakage of nursing test questions, which would be submitted on or before Oct. 15, before taking a final action on the controversy.

Ermita, in a press conference in the Palace, said the government also deferred its action on whether to call for a retake or not until the Court of Appeals (CA) rules on a pending petition seeking to invalidate the June test results and stop the oathtaking of successful examinees.

When asked if this indicated that MalacaƱang has no position on the retake issue for now, Ermita said: "Precisely."

Ermita said the President sent back to Labor Secretary Arturo Brion the draft executive order mandating a retake of the two portions of the June nursing board exams which were marred by leakage.

Out of 42,006 students who took the June 11 and 12 nursing tests, only 17,821 passed, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) earlier announced.

Aside from waiting for the CA decision and the NBI investigation results, Ermita said the President also wanted Brion to consider the positions of the PRC, the Board of Nursing, deans and faculty members of nursing colleges, and other stakeholders in the revision of the proposed executive order.

The President, who earlier ordered a retake of Tests 3 and 5 by all 42,006 nursing examinees before December, was supposed to sign the proposed executive order yesterday as earlier announced by Palace officials.

"The President is not insensitive to what has been heard and read when the issue came about and, therefore, she directed the Department of Labor and Employment to review the proposed order he submitted yesterday in the light of the protest we got," Ermita said.

He said the labor secretary would make his presentation on the revised order in a special Cabinet meeting scheduled on Tuesday, Oct.10. He added that any final decision on the matter must ensure the protection of the integrity of the nursing profession and the licensure examinations.

PRC officials earlier said there was no need for a retake as the grades of the examinees had been recomputed, skipping the answers to the test portions that were marred by leakage.

Nursing graduates and their parents have appealed to the President to spare them from a retake, while others chided the President for preempting the decision of the CA on the matter.

Ermita said the NBI has found two review centers involved in the leakage of the June nursing exams, while three others are still being investigated. All five review centers are in Luzon.

He said NBI agents are reconstructing the list of students enrolled in these review centers and checking if they were among those who passed the last nursing board tests. "This could lead to certain course of action on whether it will be a general retake or a partial retake for certain people," he said.

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