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A retake would have been wiser

By Marit Stinus-Remonde
A retake would have been wiser

SOME years ago I enrolled in a province-based law school. To my great shock, several of my classmates, some mature professionals, cheated during the tests. They did it openly without shame and it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

Because of this experience the news of the leakage in the June 2006 nursing licensure examination (NLE) didn’t surprise me. If there is cheating at simple midterm exams, what more at a licensure exam where so much is at stake?

In the case of the NLE much is indeed at stake. It is common knowledge that many, if not a majority, of those who take up nursing do so not, because of a desire to nurse the sick, but because this is an almost fool-proof pass to greener pastures abroad. Parents compel their children to take up nursing even if the children have little if any interest in nursing. Fortunes are spent on tuition fees and review classes.

So who wants to flunk the licensure examination? Some brilliant review center owners found a way to make certain that their enrollees would be sure board passers.

Nursing, from the schools to the taking of the licensure examination, has become a business. Schools offering nursing courses—some of dubious quality—and review centers have mushroomed to accommodate the growing number of enrollees. It’s all about money and there is nothing wrong with this.

However, nursing, like any profession, has certain professional standards to live up to, so that hospitals that hire them are assured that they hire qualified personnel. This is why there is a licensure examination and why there is a Professional Regulation Commission and a Board of Nursing. Alas, these entities failed to do their part of the job. Two of five tests in the June exam were comprised. One test—the now infamous test 5, the test in psychiatric nursing—had 90 of its 100 questions leaked. Yet, the PRC actually included the test score in its recomputation of the overall examination results (“Did recomputation result in injustice?”) Manila Times, September 24). The PRC exercised its discretion and came up with a formula that can best be described as an effort to dilute the effect of the leakage. Instead of containing the damage of the leakage to tests 3 and 5 and to examinees that were at the review center where the leaked questions were reviewed, the PRC managed the scandal in a manner that affected the final grades of all examinees.

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"Two of five tests in the June exam were comprised. One test—the now infamous test 5, the test in psychiatric nursing—had 90 of its 100 questions leaked."



GO NA! DEAL!!! :p

This lady? Marit lack the wisdom she tries to peddle. I can understand why? She is shocked knowing that he classmates in her province based school cheated but she failed to rant then unlike her newfound surprise today. She? kept on hammering on al ot of faults of PRC, BON..etc(why not the CA) then went on how she? symphatizes with the parents, etc. Then she later prescribed a retake for all for tests 3 nad 5.It does not add up, does it? Why punish the nurses when she kept on saying she symphatizes with their parents and it is the fault of PRC/BON. If she is that really shocked of he cheating classmates, why did she not tell us that she had done something againts them as what she wants to do now. Then and only then we can find her "WISER" words more believable now.


Following Lady?Marit's skewed prognosis, 17,000 nurses today will still be in limbo.As of today alot of them are already on their way to where they want to be which Lady Marit vehemently wants to deny them. Be on your way Lady Marit, Let go and let these fine ladies and gentlemen move on!

kaya nga, most of the 17,000 june 2006 board passers are either employed na or working abroad... sino ba talaga ang may kagagawan ng leakage scandal na yan??? iyunG NAGLABAS NG LEAKAGE ang PARUSAHN NINYO!!! HUWAG ANG 2006 NLE BOARD PASSERS!!!

another DISTORTED TRUTH (KUNO) na naman ito...


teka po, nalito na ako.. CHEATING ba or LEAKAGE ang issue?

ang alam ko sa CHEATING, nangopya sa katabi, o nangodigo... meron bang ganun situation sa NLE 06???

wala akong matandaan ganun klaseng 'distorted news'... sa sobrang distorted ng mga balitang lumalabas for the past months wala akong alam na news on nahuling nag-CHEATING? nakitaan ng Leakage meron... (sa baguio diba...)pero not inside the testing room... tsk! tsk!

gulo ninyo!!! =(

alam naman nila kung sino ang may pakana ng 'Leakage' yun ang panagutin nila!

kung di dahil sa leakage na yan, a lot of my friends would have passed the NLE... psych nsg lang ang inaasahan namin to pull our grades up and make us passed pero dahil sa leakage issue na yan, ang baba ng grades ko sa NLE at nagsipagbagsakan yung mga friends ko...

yung talagang may kasalanan ang habulin ninyo! wag kaming mga estudyante! =(

a retake would have been wiser.. but wat can we do?! some of the passer of batch 2006 is dumb. hehehe. lets admit it.

Bakit ba kung mga ordinario na tao makakamali madali masentensiayan...pero kung government official hinde...bakit sa japan....may delicadesa mga leader..nag-reresign sila kung may scandal sa organization nila....dito opposite...ang grabe ang hirap ang maraming tao dahil sa leakage na yan, pero si rosero kampate pa rin sa pwesto niya...malakas ba talaga siya kay gloria...o baka may cut din si gloria sa pagbebenta ang leakage na yan

"If there is cheating at simple midterm exams, what more at a licensure exam where so much is at stake?"
Mukhang baliktad yata to Manay, kung sinabi mong "if there is cheating at a licensure exam what more sa midterm exam" maging tama yon kasi if hahayaan ko yong sinabi mo e di tuwing may licensure exam sa kahit anong propesyon may palaging cheating which you know isn't true, right? At yong sinabi mong majority just want to take up nursing because of the green bucks at hindi na prioridad yong caring for the sick, mali na naman yon kasi even if you don't like attending the sick, kusa mo yong gagawin kasi mawalan ka ng trabaho niyan kasi makikita at mararamdaman yon ng employers mo and you will never be effective in what you do kahit anong kaplastikan ang gagawin mo sa pasyente. So bottom of the story, if your intention at first is just to earn without regard sa mga pasyente mo, sooner or later if you want to keep your job, matututo kang gawin ang nararapat sa mga pasyente and you'll soon love what you're doing and finding fulfillment in it and that is caring for the sick!

PRC has yet to answer a lot of question like, those who did not pass the exam dont know there actual score or breakdown of the score of the exam.... if they have allowed only the 1,800 plus to have a retake of only test 3 and 5 why, can't we the flanker know our original grades, what if we have only failed in one subject, so why are we subjected to take the entire exam... we are the victims, we pay PRC for this exam..and yet they treat us like we trash.... if you think of it malaking pera din yon, and what is the money for, so that they are given the chance to put our life in misery....

hayyy nakakasawa na yan. just move on! yung mga may sala magbabayad din yan they wont get away with will haunt them. I dont think anyone who doesnt deserve to pass the NLE will pass the NCLEX so dun na lang magkaalaman. AT UST bumawi na lang kayo sa Dec or 2007 boards wag na kayo mamwerwisyo. Nkapag oath na ang pumasa at nkpag register na.. just let them go ok?? at yung mga umaasa sa Psyche para pumasa ano pa ba problema eh binalik na nga ang original computation kung bagsak pa rin eh bagsak talaga. May this issue rest in peace.

MS Remonde is trying to ignite the the issue once again base on his or her conception and according to his or her observation. He or She is trying to sway in and influence the court of law. MS Remonde is talking without the benefit of the law in him or her, he or she is ignoring the principle of 5 “W”s an 1 “H” meaning What, When, Where, Who, Why and How. This people want drastic action as an immediate solution. He or She doesn’t understand that the greatest achievement of nursing student is to passed the licensure exam and and find a job in order to practice and earn for a living, and a lot of preparation and investment was made for this. Student by nature will do everything to pass the examination. He or She doesn’t understand that even if you have leakage no matter what if you did not study at all, and you just rely on your 3 and 5 leakage will not help you at all to pass the examination unless you study very hard. Students who make it, then passed the examination are all those who really study harder and have invested heavily, so much in time and effort.

Please kindly take notice for your information that cheating is committed during examination if even if you are caught or not. Leakage is another, it could be reliable or not reliable and still you are not pretty sure whether it will comes out, or one hundred percent correct, or not at all. Still, you have to spend time on it, and effort to study the said leakage, and you are trying to gamble whether if the said leakage will surely comes out or not. Meaning you are not always sure of it unless the examination is over.

You cannot blame the student if indeed there was a leakage for the students will always do everything, and that is quite instinct for them in order to passed the examination and this includes all those batch 2006 examinee without the exception, even those students before who also took their examination not only that year. Once again I would like to emphasize that the greatest achievement of nursing student is to pass their examination and to find a job to work decently and the record of testimony is their license proving that they are indeed qualified by law and the crowning glory is therefore the tile of being called “NURSE.” That’s why they cannot simply give it up as simple as what you are asking for such as “retake.”

They are actually calling for a retake as merely as simple as that according to those who did not make it while they themselves find it hard and not as simple as what they are telling those who passed the board exam, that is why they failed because it is not so easy. Therefore it is easier said than done to retake.

The retake advocate is demanding a very drastic solution reminding me during the time of Christ wherein people are asking for his death sentence without the benefit of the law which is almost identical to what is happening without giving the board passers to find out among them who benefited the leakage or if indeed there was a leakage and or how far the leakage have reached. They committed grave abuse of accusation leading to widespread troubles and misconceptions. Many are disappointed, job application are affected, or even denied. Some who are already working are demoted unless they have their licensed as precondition, which is not yet being released unless TRO is lifted. They based their charges on limited few against thousands legitimate board passers, and demanding an immediate and jumping into conclusion for a retake without due process for those who passed the exam. They have no respect of the law and even charges according to them that that the CA committed grave abuse of authority and or so and so. Spirit is coming up and down for board passers. They feel like they are being pushed into the limit of their patience and to the wall of almost taking the law into their hands for whatever justice they can get for injustice being hauled to them by this people who are pro retake.

This people who are pro-retake are actually demanding retake in order to safe face and they are taking this as an opportunity. They are also using the word “Dignity and Integrity” and also “Stigma” in order to emphasize the urgency to have a retake, while the real intention in here is hidden personal interest to have another exam so that for the record they are not repeater and for the other school is most evident that some of their student did not make it while they are pronounced to be among the best such as cumlaude. They feel they cannot afford to loose and accept defeat and the shame of being overtaken by another schools. Another is presume to be that maybe one among the members of their family and or love ones did not make it to passed the board exam that is why they are very critical and stern advocate for a retake.

For those na hindi na kailangan na magretake, and those who will be taking I called Rachell Allen's Office and got their schedule and fees. They also have free info session this Thursday, November 9, 2006.


November 20 - December 20, 2006
January 31 - February 23, 2007

January 3 - January 30, 2007

February 26 - March 12, 2007

PACKAGE A and B : P 15, 540
PACKAGE A, B, C : P 23, 540

*All students are encourage to register at least one week in advance.

For more information, please visit

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