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Statement of nurses standing up for integrity

Statement of nurses
standing up for integrity

The June 11 and 12 nursing licensure exam controversy is far from over. The pronouncement of CGFNS deferring the visa screening application of Batch 2006 board “passers” underscores the magnitude of the mess resulting in PRC’s mishandling of the test leakage.

Labor Secretary Arturo Brion’s pronouncement that there are “a lot of aberrations in the computation of grades of the examinees” is equally disturbing.

As we have always maintained, while there is a need to pursue vigorously and to identify all the personalities responsible for the leakage for the purpose of prosecution and conviction. Urgent, restorative measures are necessary to erase the stigma that casts doubt on the competence of the 2006 nursing licensure examinees as well as the integrity of licensure examinations in the country.

Just like everyone concerned, we desire immediate and permanent closure of this controversy so that everybody can move on. We believe, however, that it can only be obtained if cheating is resolutely addressed in line with the need to restore the integrity of the nursing licensure examinations, maintain the respect of the public for the nursing profession in the Philippines and more importantly assure safe nursing practice for the protection of patients and the health consuming public in general.

Unfortunately, the Court of Appeals “thought it proper to ignore the cheating, order the issuance of license to every examinee, whether a cheat or not, and trust to future investigations the elimination of the wolf that got into the sheep’s fold.”

Enlightened with the reality that all public safety measures entail some sacrifice, pain and inconvenience to all concerned, with a heavy heart we have no choice but to file at the Supreme Court a petition with application for a TRO enjoining the Court of Appeals from enforcing its decision dated October 13, 2006. Among others we respectfully ask the High Court: the annulment of resolution number 31 of PRC-BON for reasons stated in the petition; retaking of the examination in test 3 and 5 of the June 11 and 12, 2006, nursing licensure exam; and declaring null and void the oaths and the licenses of examinees who fail such examination should a retake be ordered.

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Rene Luis M. Tadle
Faculty Association College of Nursing-UST
Tel. No. 655-3511/09287379855


Earl Francis R. Sumile
League of Concerned Nurses
Mobile No. 09177544565


Michael Angelo S. Brant
Binuklod na Samahan ng mga Student Nurses
Mobile No. 09159049486

This group of people pretending to be honest and pure, clean and never committed in their whole life "CHEATING" are shouting and asking the same thing with the June 2006 board passers. Everybody is actually for integrity and dignity.

What the June 2006 board passers are asking is to let them go and to move on. This group are mostly young and innocent who are only wanted to find a job in order to support themselves and their family and love ones. The problem is that they are being hounded with charges from this group of Mr. Tadle who are acting too much. They maliciously believed that they cheat the exam without basis, acting only on the few who have said that they indeed have the leakage which the court has yet to proved whether or not how big is the span of the leakage. Mr. Tadle immediately jumped into conclussion of "retake" without the benefit of step by step investigation in order to solve the problem. They are actually the source of all the pain and agony, delay and misfortune of the board passers. They pretended to be the hero accordingly to save the profession of Nursing from negative impressions.

What he doesn't understand is that they are actually making damage than heal.

Mr. Tadle marami na ang nagugutom sa atin at walang trabaho. Your "Dignity and Integrity is good" however we want to find jobs in order to feed our family and loves ones. Mas masahol pa siguro sa integrity ang mawawala kung hirap na sa buhay ang isang tao at wala ng makain at pambili ng gamot. Maaaring masadlak na sa prostitution or kung ano pang crime ang isang wala ng makain kung patuloy kayong mamemerwisyo. Iba na ang panahon ngayon at sa panahon ni Rizal at nakakaabala ka na at nakakaperwisyo ka na ng buhay ng tao...

I will never expect the group of Mr. Tadle (philosophers, lawyers, retired judges) to understand the plight of our board passer nurses. We nurses deal with the "real" issues in life and we alleviate life's medical issues with "real, tangible and appropriate" interventions.
Mr. Tadle's group just "day-dream" of a perfect world where "they" are the answer to all our problems. See what happens when you let day-dreamers formulate national policy towards our beloved profession. I see hardship ahead for all of us if we let these so-called "experts" be the judge of us.

Eh kung hindi kayo nananadya, o talagang mahina ang kukote nyo, bakit pilit nyong isinasama sa retake ang whole test 3 gayong 20 lamang out of 100 questions ang may leakage dito? Bakit, at worst, hindi retake of 20 questions lang ang i-push ninyo?

Ibig sabihin, you want to nullify the legitmate passing on 80 remaining valid questions of the 17,000 passers? What is your legal and moral basis for demanding the arbitrary revocation of vested rights of the passers on the 80 clean questions in test 3 that they passed?

It is clear that the flunkers among the complainants that you represent merely want to erase the stigma of being flunkers in this test 3--through having a cost-free second chance by way of repeat of the entire test at the expense of the passers. Eh hindi ba kawalanghiyaang maliwanag iyan, tapos magmamalinis kayo? Lokohin nyo ang lelong nyo!!!

its been 4 mos na, and yet andme pa rin issues.. nde na nman integrity and dignity ang pnglalaban ni Tadle, pride na.. dapat mga katulad nio ang maerase sa mundo, kc kau nman ang responsible sa cnsbe nio na "stigma"..

pbyaan nio na kmeng mga passers!!

The real culprit behind this problem is actually from the noise created by the group of Mr. Tadle and some politician who wants to shine and make some publicity free of charges. They do not represent the whole archipelago. But they created noise, trouble, pain, horror, embarassment, dissapointment and many others. They want a retake to save their images because they did not make it to pass the exam, while others simply wanted to project an images for future advancement like in politics or wait for mother Lily to discover them as new "Superstar."

The problem with these people who are behind the retake are those who did not make it to pass the examination, and they are calling for retake as simple as that, while they did not make it simple during examination to pass.

They said that we board passers must simply agree and retake while it is not easy for them to pass the exam.

mas mahirap kung mawala ang 'DIGNITY'... kasi wala ng makain sa hirap ng buhay... haay...

Sure, I will agree to a retake... As long as it will cover ONLY 20 pts of TEST 3 (Medical-Surgical) and 100 items of TEST 5 (Psychiatric Nursing). Nothing more, nothing less!!!
That sounds fair & just to me!

The greatest achievement of nursing students is to passed the board exam and the record of that achievement is their license and the crowning glory is therefore the title of being called "Nurse."

A lot of preparation and other investment in order to passed the examination was made that is why they cannot simply give-in to their demand such as "retake." For those who flunk are simply calling for a retake while it is not actually simple for them to pass the examination.

Mr. Tadle is one of stanch advocate of that retake without the benefit of employing the five "W's" and one "H." Meaning: What, When, Where, Why, Who and How. He is playing as Captain of the ship but he dosn't know how to balance the ship. He is not obeying the rule of law and immediately called for a retake favoring one side against another side by not listening to our CA ruling acting as if he knows more than anything else.

His process of solving the problem is the same way during the time of Jesus Christ wherein people are shouting and calling for his death without the benefit of the law to take it's course. For him retake is the absolute solution not due process.

TO maintain and preserve the integrity of nursing, a retake of the entire examination and those who took it last june should be materialized. The degree of cheeting is not identified, and would never be identified... Yes indeed it is unfair for those who are not involved, but if Nursing is really for you, then why be afraid for a retake? If you really deserve this profession, then why do you fear the board exam. concepts will always remain the same, Many are standing for a no retake, because of that fear... a fear to fail. Why? is it because you passed your NLE out of luck? What will your license be of your integrity is destroyed? Go back to the CODE of ETHICS for nurses... know your responsibility! ..."to protect the profession against any fraud.." admit it or not, your JUNE 2006 examination is muffled with controversy... whether you participated in it or not! Who knows? whos who? no one is brave enough to come to the ligth and say " I cheated" No body... because you lack the courage to prove to the world that you really deserve the profession..
RETAKE! is the only solution... be opn minded.

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