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"CGFNS does not believe at present time that all legal challenges (of NLE) have been fully and finaly resolved."

"CGFNS emphasizes that it accepts and all respects the judgement of the Philippine courts and regards all licenses obtained following the June '06 exam as valid nursing licenses. CGFNS is required by US law, however, to make a judgement about whether
June 06 LICENSURE PROCESS was comparable to that required for a US nurse."

Talk of diplomacy.

In other words, CGFNS is not happy with the way PRC and the government as a whole is dealing with the leakage issue.

Is this the fault of Tadle, Sumile and Brant, or of the PRC?

Guess it's about time we stop the 'blame game'. No one's taking responsibility anyway. It's a waste of our time & energy.

If CGFNS is not happy w/ PRC or the gov't, it's their prerogative. Anyway, there are other countries that BSN batch 2006 can go to. EU countries are prospects, so is the middle east, china, etc...

In general, filipino nurses are not that picky & they adapt so well... It's not really our loss...

I just hope that CGFNS would somehow make their position more define - will they accept or not? Because the cost of CGFNS at USD368 is no joke at all... (It's good if it's refundable, but it's not) We're already financially burdened, the issue has been dragged for so long already (more than 4 months). We can't afford to lose more money for nothing...

I hope they would realize this for humanitarian reason at least... I hope batch 2006 would not be lured to spend so much money for nothing... God help us! =(

Ganon talaga mga friends, hindi tayo nag-aral ng nursing para sundin ang kagustuhan nila, we are professional at ang ating service ay hindi lang para sa US lamang, kailangan rin tayo sa maraming bansa.

Walang silang ibinigay na kahit isang singkong duling habang tayo ay nag-aaral tapos ngayon parang nagdidikta sila kung ano ang dapat sundin na para bagong directly or indirectly ang nanghihimasok na sila sa ating patakaran kasi nagdedemand sila. Tayo ang mas may karapatan sa ating sarili. Kung ayaw nila sa atin eh sa iba na lang tayo.

Sila ang bansa na nangunguna sa Democratic principles pero sila rin ang lumalabag dito...

Talk of diplomacy.

In other words, CGFNS is not happy with the way PRC and the government as a whole is dealing with the leakage issue.

Is this the fault of Tadle, Sumile and Brant, or of the PRC?

Very well!...very well!!!

The noise and shouts, and charges have made a lot of damages both personally and professionally including dignity and reputation

Tadle committed grave abuse of accusation that retake is the only solution without the benefit of the law. He gave weight to those who are only a handful claiming that there was a leakage against thousands who did not have, and get any leakage.

The noise and charges made by the group of Tadle is exactly reponsible to all the pain and agony, trouble and mis-information and also misfortune that all we have. They are using the word "Integrity and Dignity" in order to push the retake and probably he wants to shine to become politicians and perhaps, for his personal advancement and or maybe he wants to be discovered as superstars in the near future...

Very Sure!...very sure, that is exactly the fault of Tadle and his cohortsd, because all the noise and all the problems that are coming out that went into the air are now traveling around the world and they are almost all to blame of all this fiasco.


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