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December 2006 Nursing Board Exam Update, PBSN Forum

December 2006 Nursing Board Exam Update

I will just repost what has been posted earlier because still many people that join the chat ask "When will the examination results come out?"

December 2006 Nursing Board Exam results will be out on the 2nd week to the 3rd week of January. I am still hoping that the results will come out a bit earlier though. Yes I know, That waiting is the killer... not the exam itself.

PBSN Forum

PinoyBSN is currently preparing its new forum. It's main purpose is to help the nursing student go through the hardship of making NCPs, researching, board exam and all other stuffs. To the best of our knowledge, The administrators and contributors will reach out to help in anyway we can. The forum will also be used as means of converging information, sharing experiences and simply making friends. This will help not only the students but the helpers as well, with teaching... comes learning.

I thought of creating forums long before the arrival of the GABBLY Chat, but the board exam prevented me from doing it. A thing about what forum can give that a chat software like gabbly could not is the element of permanence. A lot of student's question was answered in gabbly, but was it recorded? It is merely beginning to be cyclical when one question is repeatedly asked over and over again. With the forum, questions can be archived and be looked back for reference.

In the meantime, happy holidays!

PBSN Forum


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