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US may not accept June batch of RP nurses, says group

US may not accept June batch of RP nurses, says group
By Sheila Crisostomo
The Philippine Star 12/12/2006

A group of Filipino nurses in the US expressed apprehension over the chances of the nurses who passed the controversial June licensure examination to get jobs in American hospitals.

Rosario May Mayor, president of the Philippine Nursing Association of America (PNAA), said reports of cheating in the board examination might jeopardize the chances of the June batch for employment in the US.

"The possibility of a blanket denial during visa screening is there," Mayor said.

The visa screen certification is issued by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) to nurses as part of the requirement of the US Homeland Security program.

CGFNS announced last Oct. 26 that the commission is studying if the June batch of nursing board passers in the Philippines will be eligible to take the CGFNS test so that they can qualify for employment in the US.

The CGFNS website showed that last Oct. 22 and 23, its Board of Trustees met and "considered whether the Filipino nurses who have passed the Professional Regulation Commission’s (PRC) June 2006 nursing licensure examination are eligible for Visa Screen Certification."

The commission wanted to know "whether the licensure process was followed in the light of the challenged results of the June 2006 test that is comparable with the requirement for nurses licensed in America."

The Philadelphia-based CGFNS is an "immigration-neutral, non-profit organization and it is the internationally-recognized authority on credentials evaluation pertaining to the education, registration and licensure of nurses and other health care professionals worldwide."

CGFNS accepts applications coming from the June batch but final decision on the Filipino nurses had been deferred.

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This is what happens when you are a filipino, we don't protect ourselves like the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans etc. Talangka tayo eh! Isiniwalat ba naman sa buong mundo yong nangyari na "malawakang dayaan" daw ang nangyari during last June's NLE na alam naman nating lahat na hindi totoo. No less than members of the academe, those who are supposedly "protectors" of the profession ang nagsiwalat nito sa America when what they should have done is investigate first if indeed it was national in scope na pinatunayan naman ng NBI na hindi bago sila nanghusga. But don't lose hope mga June passers, America is not the only place here on earth. Kung ayaw nila sa atin di ayaw din natin sa kanila. If indeed the CGFNS is intelligent enough in their decisions, then a simple passing the NLE should not the only basis of giving someone a visa screen. Bobo ang mga taga CGFNS if they will make a blanket decision on this, kasi hindi natin ikakaila na there are some worthy nurses here sa batch na to, jewels ika nga, kaya better for them to review yong credentials nang mga passers na to, not just basing it on the NLE because if they'll do they will lose a brilliant batch of nurses that is "BATCH OF JUNE 2006" to other would-be takers.

I don't think it so that CGFNS will defer the JUne 2006 board passers. In fact, I processed my CGFNS application last October and they've accomodated me so well. I will be taking the said exam on March 2007.

I heard about this some time ago, but nothing new in a while. What ever happened with this situation?

My wife is a physical therapist, but her degree is from a couple of years before this. We do not go through the process for this type of work visa though, as I want her to have the full K-Visa so that she can obtain regular citizenship ship. That process has been a drama in itself. I started a blog about it Here. If any Pinoy site would like to exchange links, let me know.

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