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PRC's Target date is on December 18, 2006

According to PRC Statement exclusively given to the room watchers, proctors and those that will help conduct the December board examination, their target date on result release is on DECEMBER 18 2006.

This is to kill the rumors in the past 3 days saying that results will be out TONIGHT.

The target date can be 2 days earlier or 2 days later. As long as everything will go on smoothly, Release of the results will be around by then. The sooner, the better.

I just gave the TARGET DATE not the actual date of result release, So dont get me wrong.

A friend of mine is so anxious yesterday. messaging me in yahoo asking if it is true results will be out tonight. Keep yourselves from unecessary anxiety, that is my advice. The coolest thing to do is bring you and your friends who took the board exam to churches, pray and watch a movie after. An early visita iglesia would help. For not so religious person like me, Just play Videogames while waiting for the result or watch tons of DVD.

Do NOT believe text messages spreading everyday that results will be out tonight or tomorrow.... , These exactly happened last june boards exam.. that everyday, Text messages tend to spread saying that results will be out tonight, But it never did until the July 18, which is a month later since the texts start to spread.

Just relax, Unwind... Nobody knows if you passed or failed but YOU and ofcourse, the official results.

I do hope you will have a happy christmas, Because it will break my heart if I know you and I will found out that you failed, because of your sacrifices... You dont deserve to fail! I never knew anyone who took the boards lightly.

Prepare for our grand EB and victory party SOON! Advance congratulations everyone!

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