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Nurses’ meet under way

Nurses’ meet under way

The Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), the only accredited professional organization for nurses and members of the International Council of Nurses, will host the 7th Asian Workforce Forum (AWFF) from Nov. 23-24 and the 3rd Alliance of Asian Nurses Association (AANA) on Nov. 23 at Hotel Kimberly.

The presidents of nurses associations from the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Macau, and Hong Kong will attend.

The forum will identify trends, key similarities, and differences of nurses, nursing, and nursing associations and foster closer relationship among nurses in Asia.

Chairman of the Asian Workforce Forum is Dr. Mireille Kingma of the International Council of Nurses and the co-chairman is Dr. Marilyn D. Yap, president of the Philippine Nurses Association.

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