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Have you tried give a child a candy or lollipop? I guess you did, but did you tried to take the candy you had given to him. Will he/she be happy? Definitely that child will cry. That is what happened to us, June 2006, Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination Passer. We were given the title NURSE because we passed the exam and met the required standards. We fought for our rights and we won over the highest court in the Philippines, the Supreme Court. We struggled; we face the embarrassment even though we haven't done anything wrong. We won over the court because we are proven ELIGIBLE and CAPABLE to work our Profession.

We are like hectares of ripe tomatoes and one of them is rotten, will you throw hectares of tomatoes because one was rotten? So please don't talk as if everyone did the crime. If only few people did this unlawful act then punish them but not everyone. I personally will volunteer to retake if those people who made this crime are punished. DOLE, PRC and the Government of the Philippines did not sue or put to case those people who neglected their work such as those two Board of Nursing members during the June examinations. We want them to pay for the wrongs that they did, they should be the one to be punished not INNOCENT passers. The government should take action because this leakage issue is solely because of neglect of duty as a servant of our nation. Corruption is one of the reasons why this thing happened.

This won’t be an issue as a matter of fact because the issue has been cleared and we won the decision of the court. The decision of the court indicates that we have the knowledge, skill, experience and eligibility. The following phrases were quoted in one of the email replies of ANA, these will be answered one by one.

First: "ANA considers this to be a matter of public health and safety. Absolute integrity of the professional licensure and exam process must be strictly maintained for purposes of public safety and confidence."

We are happy that ANA stands by a philosophy of maintaining good integrity on professional licensure and exam, because this is necessary to protect the public health of a country. What ANA did not understand or take into consideration that the issue on public health was addressed during court proceeding and that the courts decision is that the June board passers are eligible, capable, has enough knowledge and skills to work as a nurse.

Second: "ANA recognizes that these nurses are duly licensed and able to practice within the Philippines. Our interests lie with those who wish to come to the United States to practice nursing."

Therefore if ANA recognize that we are duly licensed and able to practice within the Philippines then it’s clearly saying that we have the knowledge and what's necessary to become a Registered Nurse. Therefore no public safety was questioned because you didn't question our eligibility as nurses. You are saying that your only concern is the public safety of your people, and Philippine government does not care about public safety of its people at all? Before a nurse Filipino nurse can work as a registered nurse in your country they are obliged to take US exams which are CGFNS and NCLEX. The PNLEX (Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination) solely made to test the capacity of our local nurses to work locally. Your exam is different with our exam here. And you have two exams to test the capability of Filipino nurses. Then there's nothing to worry unless if you doubt your own exams.

Third: "ANA understands that investigations into this matter have found that Tests #3 and #5 were substantially compromised. However, there was nothing that was made public that indicates that these were the only two tests of the exam that were compromised – only that these were the most compromised."

It comes from your own statement. There was no substantial evidence to prove that there was no leak question on tests 1, 2 and 4, but there's also no substantial evidence that there was leak questions in the said tests. In law, no one/nothing is proven guilty/wrong unless proven so. You don’t have the proof therefore no leakage on test 1,2 and 4.

Lastly: "Nursing is responsible and accountable for assuring that only those individuals who have demonstrated the knowledge, skill, practice experiences, commitment, and integrity essential to professional practice are allowed to enter into and continue to practice within the profession."

This was answered, a court trial was made and the court decided that we are capable, we have the knowledge, skills, practice experiences, commitment and our integrity was established, we won it. Not everyone cheated but only a few. If you won’t respect the Supreme Court then you don’t respect the Philippines Independence over countries like yours. If the Philippines Government will follow what you instruct then we are not an independent country. We live by your laws and by your decision and that's what I don’t want to happen. If this decision is just to show that your powerful please stop, are lives are broken, we're destroyed and you keep destroying us.

The DOLE who handles PRC should take action in this kind of humiliation. We are a country with its own government, why do we do what other country directed. We are a separate entity; we are not part of US then why let US do the decision for us.

DOLE why that short span of review? You are paying the review and you are proud of it but why that short? Please think twice before saying or doing something, we count on you and we got a week review? For God sake we reviewed at least 3 months when we took the June 2006 Board and we are not that confident that time and you give us a week review. If this step is for us to fail the exam and then retake it on December for your office to earn money from us please stop the corruption. Do what’s right. You’re saying that we have to retake because US said that we don’t have the integrity; I say you don’t have integrity too; will you step down and study again?

Is PRC doing things to fight for the passers because they are afraid to be blamed for all of this? Well they are the main reason why this happened and they should be the one to be blamed. No goodness can cover past fault as long as that someone was punished.

The President said once that there will be no retake, well, why are you saying that we should retake. Are you afraid because US told so or because if we wont retake, NCLEX wont be located here and we are the sacrifice.

I don’t mean to put down someone, an office or a country but I guess its time these people wake up realize their faults and do something good

Received via Email

With this letter of concern, it is evident that this person does not understand the gravity of the situation. He is mentioning a lot about the "UNFAVORABLE" consequences of the said leakage to those who passed the June 2006 NLE. Given the fact that our gov't and our Supreme Court have already put an end to this, he never thought that ANA and CGFNS are entirely different entities (with different standards). I personally feel bad about the CGFNS and ANA's unfavorable decision because a lot are aiming to go to the US and practice as nurses. However, their judgement and weighing of facts are different from ours and we cannot compare these standards to our country's standards. Despite this sad feeling, I still want to retake, finish this issue, clean my name and prove that I am worthy of my license. Unless you can think of any other way to clean the tainted image of June 2006 NLE passers, then the best (i think) way is this - to retake the exam. I still wanna share some of my opinons, but maybe this is just enough for now. Try to think and feel when you're in their shoes, try to look at the situation from the other side of the river and you might have a better view/understanding of the situation.

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yes.. i agree with fiesty lioness.. our countries are different.. we care about our people in seperate directions.. and most of all.. laws in our country are far from theirs.. and please.. do all of us future nurses a favor.. please stop arguing about this issue.. it is us who wants to work in their country.. not them wanting us to work for them.. so if you want to go to there country.. do what they want and prove to everyone that you really are knowledgeable, skilled and a very competent nurse.. again i plead the one who wrote this topic.. don't challenge a country that make or break us..

I am also sad with the decison of the CGFNS and ANA and i would like to stress some things.

1. It is a fact that the we won the case but it is because of technicalities not because it is really proven that we are innocent according to the news.

2. Each country has their own jurisdiction, therefore, the Supreme court's decision is only applicable to the Philippines. If US would like to impose guidelines and other requirements, complaining is useless, for US and the Philippines have different laws and ways of implementation. Therefore, we just have to comply.

3. The law have this principle that you are innocent unless proven guilty. Yes, it is true. But logically speaking, it does not mean that if there is an absence of evidence, then you didn't commit the crime.

4. Only 1 week review is offered to accomodate the any of the june 06 passers who may want to avail the service. And because there are only few schools who are capable to conduct it, we have a choice. Buti nga meron e.

5. Complaining over the issue would not help in solving the it. The DOLE presented a remedy so i think we should grab the opportunity while it is there, to finish this issue once and for all and to remove the stigma. Because there is really a stigma in the form of CGFNS and ANA recommendations.

Opinion lang po... THis is not to question the capabilities of my co-june 06 credibility

Well i guess this blog has also a stand. Pls. dont judge the author if he/she does not understand the whole situation. I guess what he's/she's trying to picture out is that why retake if no one was punished. Sabi nya
"If only few people did this unlawful act then punish them but not everyone. I personally will volunteer to retake if those people who made this crime were punished."
So siguro what should be done is file a case then announce that a case was filed, kasi actually may kaso na hindi nya lng siguro alam.
Totoo naman that the standards of PNLE was solely made to test the capacity of Filipinos to work in our country. Personally masasabi kung US ay wala sanang pakialam sa PNLE coz they have thier own exams, in fact 2 exams to test the capacity of nurses. Pero what the author should know na US has the right to protect its people, siguro what he/she would like to epress is that the Philippine government allowed us to work here then definitely we are capable. Kaya lng US are far strict than Phil. Wala nga siguro pakialam sa health or ayaw lng nilang pasakitan pa ang mag Juna passer. Pero tlagang kulang ang 1 week na review, talagang kulang if they want us to retake they should really take care of us, kasi talagang grabe na pinagdaan natin, almost 1 year na tayong nakikipaglaban cguro pagod na tayo. personally ako pagod na ako so magreretake nlng ako, so sana alagaan tayo ng ating government kasi we faced to much physical, emotional,and psychological trauma some even experienced deppression.
Thanks sa author for still fighting kasi ako i lost hope na.

On Sferm: please don't make it look like as if we are the bad guys here. Tama ka may kaso na nga pero malamang hindi pa nya alam. Just a comment on the "few people who did this act". FYI, madami to. It doesn't mean that if someone is the source of the leak, siya lang ang paparusahan. I believe that those people who benefited from the leakage should also be punished. Malalaki ang review centers na involved. At hindi lang iilan ang students nila. In fact, thousands pa. So, ang thousands na nakinabang sa leak ay hindi konti. Why am I saying this? Why am I saying na mei kasalanan din ang mga reviewees? It's because, everyone has their freedom of choice. Ako nagreview din ako sa isa sa mga review centers na to, and tama lang siguro na mag retake ako for that. Kumbaga nagbigay sila ng "leaked" questions and I opted to take advantage of that. Ginamit ko yung questions. Hindi porket sila ang nagpasimula, sila lang ang mapaparusahan. And I think, the aggregate number of these students reflect a signigicant percentage of total June 06 examinees. Shempre gusto ko na nga matapos to. As i've said, unless there's another way to put this issue into an end, dapat magretake.

im not saying na u are the bad guys, im just saying na please dont judge the author kasi may stand din naman sya. yes a few people only benifited sa leakage and its mostly from baguio and Manila. Based on NBI's report, walang evidence that a leak was found in Visayas and Mindanao. NBI state that when we went sa office nila. hindi nga nakaabot ng ilang percent ang those who reviewed sa mga review centers na sinasabing may leak. You said "It doesn't mean that if someone is the source of the leak, siya lang ang paparusahan. I believe that those people who benefited from the leakage should also be punished." and what about us who never did know that there was a leakage and never did we benifited from it. if we compare numbers, percentage of INNOCENT passer is far bigger than those who reviewed sa mga review centers na sinasabing my leak. I didn't say that i will not retale, i said "personally ako pagod na ako so magreretake nlng ako" I dont want to argue with you. There are people who will fight for thier rights as nurses becuase the've eraned it without any form cheating. they still hope to be heard,so respect them. Io salute to the author because he/she is strong and still fights even thou there's a small chance for him/her to be heard. And may point din naman sya... Pero mag reretake ako coz im weak and dont see a single chance to win my battle.

Sferm: Right, there's no point of arguing about the "opinion" above. This posting thingy is not getting us anywhere. And i clearly understand the author's point (and your point also). Of course, no one in this real world would prefer to be tainted. But how can we prove that we truly deserve our licenses? You may say that we did our very best and we have put more than 100% effort in preparing for the exam, and we did nga. In fact, matagal tagal din na sleepless review nights ang nangyari sakin kakareview noon. To those naman who didn't benefited from the leakage, they can still do it. (I'd like to be optimistic about this). Lahat tayo kung nag aral mabuti and are emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually ready for the board exam, kahit paulit ulit tayong magexam, papasa tayo. We can always prove to everyone that we can take such number of exams dahil we are so ready and we are so skilled and knowledgeable. Parang short quiz and long test. Kapag nag short quiz tayo and we reviewed for the short quiz taos biglang may surprise long test the next day, masasagutan pa rin natin yun. Kaya pa din natin kaya hindi tayo dapat matakot. Kaya hindi tayo dapat magreklamo dahil mei retake. Dahil kung yung ibang tao na nagiisip na pumasa tayo sa leak, this is our chance to prove them wrong. For the 3rd time, we don't have any other choice but to retake. This is the ONLY way we can prove that we are worthy.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I guess this will be my last comment.
To everyone. We should remember that we are aspiring to become a nurse. And a nurse should be committed, accountable and should have a responsibility of doing what is good and for the welfare of everyone. I am a June Passer, and I passed without any form of cheating. At first I fought for my right as nurse coz I passed the standards of being a nurse. I continue and will continue to say that I have done no wrong and why should I be punished. But for the sake of everyone and maybe because I cease fighting for I am weak, I will retake the examinations. Not to clear myself but to give myself, my time and me being a professional to the wrong of some, people who i even haven't met or know. What the June passers who benefited from the leakage didn't understand that it is hard to give up one thing that you always dreamed of for people who are weak to resist cheating. Some lost their living and even some sold their houses, things etc just to support their selves and become a nurse. Most of the passers are the backbone of their parents, the one who will work for them. And that losing a year time is equals to hardships, no food, depression, etc to some passers and their families. And what's so sad about this is that those who benefited the leakage and the cause of all this haven't tried to say sorry, a single word could be enough to the aching hearts of those who suffered and will suffer punishment even thou they're INNOCENT.

Good day sferm. May you have the strength to fight for what is duly yours.

haha... dapat kasi, nung umpisa pa lang retake na agad yung decision. ngayon, gusto ko lang sabihin, sa lahat lahat ng nagsabi na walang stigma( dr. nathanielz, etc...) or nagsabing mawawala rin ang stigma (PRC chairman), tignan niyo kung ano ang mga nangyayari ngayon. isang buong taon ang nasayang dahil sa mga kapalpakan dati.

pero sige na nga, ayaw ko na manisi...

gusto ko lang sabihin na nakakainis. naiinis ako kasi, bakit kelangan pang hintayin ang CGFNS and ANA para lang magkaroon ng retake. naniniwala akong capable ang mga june 06 passers.. or should i say, marami sa mga june 06 passers ay capable talaga. kaya lang, nakakainis na naging option lang ang pagreretake ng exam dahil hindi mapapayagan ang mga june 06 passers na makapagwork sa US. Diba dapat dati pa ay naisip na na iretake na lang yung exam kasi nagkaroon naman talaga ng leakage.

Ang US, nakakainis din sila kasi may NCLEX naman sila e, bat ba sila nakikisawsaw sa issue ng leakage sa pilipinas.. yes, yung mga ibang naniniwala sa opinion na walang paki dapat ang US a local boards ng pinas, nag aagree din ako sa inyo. Pero, bakit ba tayong mga Pilipino, hindi natin naisip na dapat nga naman talaga tayong mag retake dahil pag nagtrabaho ang mga nakinabang sa leakage sa pilipinas, health of the Filipinos din ang maccompromise.

sorry kung nahihilo na kayo sa comment ko, hindi kasi ako magaling magsulat. pero ang point ko lang, yung retake, dapat ginawa hindi lang dahil para ma grant ng visa screening yung mga june 06 passers pero para na rin ma ensure ang health ng mga kapwa natin pinoy. Yun lang.

Kaya lang naman nagkakaroon ng kapangyarihan mag-demand ang CGFNS ng retake is because alam nila na most of our Nurses are actually aiming to go to the US for dollars and other benefits, pero kung wala ang mga ito eh hindi rin naman masusunod sila.

Sa katunayan ang issue about Nursing retake ay dito nangyari sa atin at envolved tayong mga Filipino, therefore this issue belongs to us and should be address by our judicial system. Other nations whatever will be should wait for the court resolutions at hindi sila dapat makialam kung meron silang respeto sa ating judcial system at government kahit na sabihin pa na pupunta sila sa US.

Walang karapatan mag-demand ang CGFNS at magsalita ng retake kasi pakikialam na talaga ito kahit na sabihin pa na doon naman sila patungo sa US kasi meron naman silang bukod na examination at ang sabihin nila na kailangan mag-retake ay talagang panghihimasok kaya nga lang wala tayong magawa kasi nangangailangan tayo kasi sa totoo lang ang US nagbibibay in order to buy and get more influence at para meron silang mapagtapunan nang kanilang medyo malapit ng mabulok at nalilipasan ng mga gamit at at least meron pang utang ng loob tayo habang binibigyan pero maliit lang na bagay iyon sa kanila.

Sabi nga ng US hindi raw nila pwedeng pakialaman ang decision ng CGFNS kasi private at meron silang independence sa kanilang decision di ba? pero masdan mo ilang bansa na ang kanilang pinakialaman kasama na tayo di ba? lalo na ang issue ng retake. Pero ang ibang bansa halos walang sinabi at hindi talaga nakialam sa issue na ito kasi meron silang respeto at alam nila ang separation ng bawat bansa about matters na tulad nga ng nangyari sa atin sa Nursing.

Lets think like a nurse and be patient centered like we should and supposed to be..lets not think of the nurse's international standing or how employers outside the county thinks about our credibility for hiring..

the issue of leakage will not stick out like a sore thumb if its non existent..


They are the real victims here..not you guys who opposes the retake or board reform..victims are paid with small amount of money(good enough for 3 day meals) to shut up and grieve silently..

They got bad future..graduate nurses dont..if your sure about ur quality as a nurse..stand up and oppose the leakage/money talks and cheating from those people who take advantage of us

No offense, just think outta d box peeps-bradly calma

Pero syempre paniniwala ko yan..and dont worry guys, di kayo ga-graduate ng BSN kung di kayo Sobrang talino (I know the hardships of being a student) and it takes above average braincells to get a degree..nagkataon lang na ngayon lumabas ung matagal ng scam na natatabunan ng pera..

bottom line..PAPASA AT YAYAMAN PARIN KAYO EVENTUALLY (and 100% US will hire u! they are dead suckers for filipino nurse care..admit it or not we are the best) we are indispensable..and


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