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Pinoy BSN First Year Anniversary EYE BALL!

Pinoy BSN was created July 25, 2006 just for the purpose of having an upload site for my examinations. I love creating examinations back then during my review days because it creates an astonishing +1000% of additional retainment. I said to myself that, If I will create the exams for my local review I might aswell publish it so everyone can use my examinations for their review, that way I could help.

So I created my first blog ever, I named it as "Nurse Budek" First. I created and posted my examinations, NCPs and others. At first, I get some bad feedbacks.

I remember having a feedback that goes like this : " Budek, ambisyoso ka... pumasa lang sa board di mo kakayanin maka 80% ka pa kaya? "

I just stick to the saying from Bill Cosby and he said, "I Do not know the key to success, But the key to failure is when you try to please everyone"

And life goes on.... For one year, Pinoy BSN became the most visited, most popular nursing site in the Philippines. It is currently ranked 20 among all blogs in the philippines and number 1 academic blog site in the world. Thanks to you!

Pinoy BSN is also earning monthly. Recently, I added some Ads on the sidebar. The proceeds will ALL GO to funding of the eyeballs. It is not that much, but it can feed 20 people in a first class resto or 500 hungry children in a feeding program. We are planning to make T SHIRTS that we will wear during these special occasions.

Pinoy BSN Community is GROWING. It's expansion created the NEW PINOYBSN FORUM now with 1,000 members and 30,000 posts! Making it the BIGGEST and MOST POPULAR Nursing Forum in the country.

Pinoy BSN will continually serve the growing number of nursing professionals, whether you are a student or a registered nurse, you have a place here with us.

To celebrate the site's success, We are going to have an EB this JULY 1, 2007. The place is still unconfirmed but it is probably somewhere in Timog.

Recommended Budget is still 500 pesos. Reserve the date! see you there and wait for further announcements.

Please confirm your attendance by messaging me at my friendster account : [Dervid Jungco]

Or by texting me at 0910-808-4320 [SMART]

Slots are limited because of space concerns. There are few bars that could accomodate a group of 30 to 50. So we are expecting around 15 to 25 people that will attend the anniversary EB. First come first serve basis.

i am not a nurse by profession (my son is) but i often visit this blog site especially before and after the release of the most controversial june 2006 board examinations so i became familiar with the names of the contributors too like brewed, jeddah, mahinhing binata, etc.
this site served as therapeutic too. i've read those written mixed emotions of those who took the exams and of those parents (like me) waiting for whatever updates of that exams. until now,it is in this blogsite that i turn to whenever i want to read fresh updates regarding this nonsense retake of test 3&5.
how i wish our government system would employ at least 100 budeks BUT i do not encourage you people to employ in our system because you will only be corrupted just like them ^_^.
anyway, i wish this blogsite will continue with its goal and broaden its mission.

Mother of a Nurse

your blog has helped me a lot. i was doing self-review for the june 2007 nle coz my present situation made it impossible for me to set aside a budget for reviewing in a review center. please continue to help students through your tireless efforts of making examinations especially for students who really would like to take the exam but do not have the financial capacity to enroll in review centers. you are one in a million sir budek. thank you so much.

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