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June 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam Results

June 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam Results
June 2008 Nursing Licensure Exam Results
June 2008 Nurse Licensure Examination Results

Target Date of release is on the third week of August. Estimated date is on AUGUST 15, 2008.

Results will be first SEEN here, at PINOYBSN. As usual.

*PinoyBSN was the first to release the result last December 2007 board examination, 3 hours earlier than inquirer.

*PinoyBSN was also the first to release the national passing rate, 1 day earlier than inquirer.

Courtesy of MERGE review center

Hi june 2008 takers!!!I know how its excruitiating to be in your position I was been there and I felt those desame awkwardness to a feeling of Halt!!stay positive..and Be ready to ACCEPT whats instore for u GOD has always plans for all of u...NAILED IT>>>keep believing and praying RC

hi! gud evening everyone. is it true dat the board exam result will come out dis month?probably 3rd wik of july? thanx!

hi! there are rumors that the June 2008 NLE results will be out by July 15 or 20, 2008 and not on the 3rd week of august. How about that? Please make some clarifications / confirmation regarding this matter. Thanks a lot. More Power guys =)

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