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November 2008 Exam Results BULLETIN

November 2008 Exam Results BULLETIN

Do not believe the circulating rumors that results are already posted. The BON is not yet on their quarantine period. Expect that the result will be release at the 3rd to 4th week of february. This date can be later depending on the outcome of the deliberation.

Results will be released here in PinoyBSN 1 day earlier than the national release. We will keep you posted.

hopefully maraming pumasa dahil maraming rumors na kumakalat

god bless us all
keep praying

thank you for that wonderful and very comforting information... hmmmmm I love this site...

hay grabe ang tagal pa pala.. sana kahit matagal basta pasado.. GOODLUCK GUYS & let's pray hard for the positive results of our exam:)

OMGolly!..our AGONY lengthens more..may the November Nurse Licensure Examinees take the challenge positively..G0od Luck to all of US!..

No one knows when it's coming; people have come to think of guessing but it didn't hit their wild guess to when exactly the result be out.
- rabak obamba -

shocks!!! kakaloka na tlga sa pag-aantay ng results!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i'm a anxious na po....wahhhhh..

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