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NU ETA SIGMA membership application for this year now OPEN


NU ETA SIGMA, founded 1965, is an organization of exceptional nurses in the Philippines as well as in the world. This is also called as the NURSING HONOR SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES. It only targets the exceptional 1% of the Nursing Population in the Philippines.

Membership Criteria : You can only apply if you meet ANY of the following criteria in order of PRIORITY:

FIRST PRIORITY : Board topnotchers from 1st to 1oth place only and Nurses with great contribution to the Nursing Profession.
SECOND PRIORITY : Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude of a reputable school.
THIRD PRIORITY : Nurses with Doctor's and Master's Degree or Filipino Nurses that are allowed to practice in the United States [USRN]

If you meet ANY of the criterias listed above, you can send your application to:

APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE IN A FORM OF A RESUME or CURRICULUM VITAE with proper credentials [ scanned or photocopied ]

If approved, you will become a new member of the PHILIPPINE NURSING HONOR SOCIETY. The most prestigous group of exceptional nurses in the Philippines and in the world. An ID and Certification of membership will also be sent via mail.
[posted upon request of the organization in which I am a member]

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