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November 2008 Board exam results BULLETIN : BON NOT YET OUT OF QUARANTINE

November 2008 Board exam results BULLETIN : BON NOT YET OUT OF QUARANTINE
The board of nursing is still ON QUARANTINE.
It means that the result will go beyond the TARGET DATE of 10 Days.

Reliable sources from inside the PRC says that the release of the result will probably on the weekend of February 20, 21 or 22 but no confirmation whatsoever has been made by the BON since they are still on quarantine. Theoretically, 21 or 22 are good dates for the release fo the result but don't get your hopes up since there is still no CONFIRMATION from the BON.

The result will be immediately release within 3 days after the BON emerges from the Quarantine, from the time being, since they are still on quarantine expect that no results will be release TODAY or TOMORROW.

Longer than usual quarantine is usually due to long deliberations, recalculations, recomputation and technicalities associated with formulating the exact passing rate.

Im going to post more info as soon as I have them.

thanx sir budek for the information!:) aLaga pa din kmeng mga MERGE Babies!! Ur still da best!

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