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Laboratory and Diagnostic Test Nursing

Laboratory and Diagnostic Test Nursin1

Answers and Rationales will be posted soon..

Courtesy of Nurse Leviathan

elo. to the person who uploaded this exam...can i have the url of this exam coz im very much interested to save and have a copy of this...pls keep me posted, a lot!!!

You're so kind to share this material. I'm sure this would be helpful to the next batch of successful nure examinees. GOD bless you so much.

Maraming salamat. This would be of help to the next examinees. GOD bless.

hi, can i have this copy?!

hi.. can i have this copy? my,

can i have a copy of this? email me @! God bless...

can i have the copy of this exam with answer and rationale pls...send me to my email ad,,tnx... god bless...

pls dont forget to post the answer key coz this is a great review material. thank you in advance

hi the person who uploaded this exam ...can i have a copy of this. here's my email add thank you so much . god bless!!!

gudeve! when will the rationalies be posted? those drills are very helpful to me, probably to all of us who just passed the NLE nov.08! and for sure who never had a hosPtal xPerience for more than a year. hehe! i think we really need to review a lot of important things to refreshen up our minds that will help us to be competent and reliable nurses!

tnx for helping! and i'm hoping for the rationalies to be posted ASAP...


Hello!.. Nice exam u have! it would be helpful to the next examinees or rather future RN's.. That's 4 sure.. can i also hve a copy?. tnx. po. slamat!

Hi nurse Leviathan... when will the rationalization be posted? Thank you.... Godbless.....

... you can email me at

can i have the rationales of this test??? this will help me for my review this coming june board exam.tnx

so helpful... pls upload na rationale and question soon... cant wait..

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