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Pinoybsn Baller!

PinoyBSN People!

We found a supplier for the baller that provided the following quote and terms:

Php 35/baller
No mould fee (already included in price)
We need to pay 50% upon confirmation of order and 50% upon delivery of order.
We thought it would be better if we just collect the whole payment so we won't have difficulty settling payments later. If you would like a baller or two (any quantity is okay as long as it is within the 100 pcs. we ordered - if in case ballers get out of stock, we'll just reorder), please message us here, or text Nina at 09167605904 or Ira 09063163156. Please text in your name, number of orders, and we'll provide you with the bank account details where you can settle your payment. Payment should be made within three days upon your text order. After payment, please text us your name, number of orders, and the transaction number of the bank deposit you made.


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