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Letter regarding the nursing licensure leakage

Note : Taken from NORDIS July 30, 2006 Edition.

Letter regarding the nursing licensure leakage

Joel Banaken
Bauko, Mountain Province

July 24, 2006

What your paper printed about the controversy on the nursing board exam is very serious. The leakage scam has affected all other professional board exams like the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

For me, I believe to finish a course gives one an edge. To finish a course is not just our personal achievements but our parents’ as well. Our parents are indeed very happy as we graduate. Otherwise, it could have been an extended anxiety for them and those who expect us to graduate.

Together with other graduates, I was able to survive the long years in school. So I felt glad as I was able to make it. Like the nursing graduates, we aim to pass the board and to have a decent job after.

I have been praying to pass the LET. Like the other reviewees, I believe anybody can pass as they had been trained by their respective schools. The leakage scam, however, affected all courses requiring professional licensure exams. In fact, we enrolled in a review center but the leakage already affected us. I am already thinking that it is also happening to the LET. And if this happens, it would be unfair for those who really reviewed as others would pass the exam because of leakage.

This leakage scam affected the conduct of board examinations in the country. I join the complainants against the latest nursing board scam in urging the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to compose an independent fact finding-team that will investigate this and to file charges against those involved. The scam is degrading the whole licensure examination in our country.


well its about the decision of NBI to suspend the license of those who passed the local board exam for nurses. For me its so unfair, can they show evidences that these 17000 plus RN's really received a copy of the said leakage, if not what made them to make such decision.

well di mo rin ksi masasabi na ung 17 thou na yun eh 100% leakage free.. anong magandang gawin??

tumpak!! tama ang sabi ng second na nagcomment.

i know evrybody are very concern about this. but all we can for now is to pray to God, put evrything, our fears worries anxieties to him. we can't just trust anybody like the NBI to investigate it, i know there are already fishy going around maybe. the only we can trust is GOD..

Well, they should find out kung kanino napunta yung mga leakage, it is not fair not revoke the license of 17 thou who took the NLE dahil hndi naman lahat nagcheat, dapat bago sila magrevoke ng license magbigay muna sila ng evidences that these people really benefited from that leakage.

I agree that it is unfair to revoke the licenses of those who passed. Sa school namin here in mindanao, meron pumasa, meron din hindi at ni anino ng leakage na yan hindi namin nakita, but I believe na meron nga. The most logical and fair treatment to this fiasco is to identify those who are responsible and file appropriate charges and to those who benefitted from it, though it's a big a task for the NBI, yon yong i revoke nila. Marami kasi i ko consider mo dito. Yong gastos sa review, yong time and effort na binuhos ng mga students. Yon ngang mga second coursers naming mga kaklase ay nag leave ng 2 months sa mga work nila without pay just so they can focus on the review and for the exam, maibabalik ba yon nila? Yon lang so lahat tayo can move on from this embarassing chapter in the history of nursing here in our country and learn from this. Eto kasi yong importante eh, how much we will learn from this and see to it na this will not happen again. And to those who commented na yong pumasa are "killer nurses", below the belt na yon. It's very unbecoming of you to make such a very irresponsible comment. It just show what kind of person you are. To make a comment or criticism is your right but please do it professionally and intelligently! Thanks and more power to this website! Galing mo Budek!

All we can hope & pray is that the BON & PRC could come up an acceptable and reliable solution on this disgraceful controversy happened in the nursing profession.

pugad baboy(gsc)

ok lng n wlang retake bka nga maunahan p namin kyo eh....

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