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PRC voids nurse test parts leaked to examinees

PRC voids nurse test parts leaked to examinees

The Professional Regulation Commission said portions of the June 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination leaked to the examinees were invalidated after their parents stormed the PRC office upon the releases of test results, ANC reported Thursday.

The parents scored PRC for releasing the results while the probe of the National Bureau of Investigation on the test leakage is ongoing.

Leonor Rosero, PRC chairwoman, said that the contested questions were invalidated and taken out from the correction and computation of Tests 3 and 5.

"The investigation is with NBI to pursue. Kawawa na naman ang iba kung maghihintay sila ng isang taon (The investigation is with the NBI to pursue [but we have to release the results] so that the examinees will not have to wait one year [to know the results] )," Rosero said.

The NBI is investigating the leakage confirmed by a PRC fact-finding committee. According to the committee report, the leakage came from the manuscripts of nursing board members Anesia Dionisio and Virginia Madeja. The two are facing administrative charges for neglect of duty.

More than 17,000 of the 42,000 examinees passed the board examinations held from June 11 to 12. The board top notcher came from the University of Pangasinan, with a 83.20 percent score. The second placer was from the University of the Philippines in Manila.

Of the schools with more than 100 examinees, Saint Louis University in Baguio City topped the performance list. It has been reported that the examination leakage took place in Baguio.


ei guys im sorry but i disagree with with PRC posting the results...isn't it fair for others who failed because the leaked questions were void?...logic & common sense guys! if the 150 q's lekaed were void then the scored tabulated were only 350, right?...what if the examinees who failed could have passed the June NLE 2006 because of the voided 150 questions?'s unfair that others failed!...what if the 150 leaked q's were then counted for others who passed then they might have failed.... did i make my point?...did i make sense?...common PRC! mag isip isip naman kau, kala koba may statistician kayo? not a math genius, im not a statstician, but im good in common sense!...I wouldnt be in our school's top school paper kung lako "utak"...i feel sorry to some of my friends who failed!....mga pare/mare tanga ang nagparelease ng results, peace!

I agree with pinoy nurse.

I passed ! but mere passing was not my concern. I was aiming for more. My strength is on Psychia. Having that,it could have pulled my rating [though i still know how much did I get].

It's unfair and not right when you get a license knowing you are only partially evaluated. Test V was an integral part of the whole debacle. Having that striken out leaves some hollow portion to our RN license.

thanks for agreeing with me nursemate27, i just created a new blog site for all the nurse grads who failed the exam, its, ill find my time 2mrrw to upgrade the blog site, i dnt have time yet for now, im RN too, i know how u feel, yes i know ur releaved too, pero syempre kawawa mga bumagsak, yes thats one of the possibility pla, yes if ur forte is on psyche then u might hve gotten a higher rating, its really unfair for others...i'll make a move to help all those who failed!...i'll write a formal letter to the NBI by monday...anyway congrats to all those who passed, to those u failed, il help u pray for the speedy investigation so as to have ur chances to show the Board of Nursing that u too deserve 2b a RN!...God Bless :)

I'll check the site you posted.

and you're very welcome.

hi pinoy nurse tama lahat ang sinabi mo.... bagsak kasi ako, feeling ko nga pagkatapos nung exams yung test 2,4,5 ang pinakasigurado ko na mataas ang makukuha ko....kaya sabi ko baka kaya ng hilahin nung tatlong exams ko yung 1 and 3 kasi di ko gaanong nakuha yung exams na may pag asa pa ako kahit konti sabi ko sa sarili KO... kaya nung nalaman ko na tinanggal nila yung test 5 nalungkot na ako...ang hirap kasi binigay ko talaga yung best ko... tapos ganon yung ginawa nila... SANA MAKUNSENSIYA NAMAN KAYO..DI LANG PERA ANG MAHALAGA SANA PAHALAGAHAN NYO RIN ANG DIGNIDAD NYO...

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