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Gapuz talks about the leakage, Review center NOT AFFECTED.

Gapuz talks about the leakage
By : Budek

For the first time, the head reviewer of R.A Gapuz review center talked publicly answering the alleged leakage issue in the last month's exam.

He said that his review center has nothing to do with the alleged leakage and that it is merely brought about by people that are trying to tarnish the review center's consistent and phenomenal track record.

Gapuz supporters told the media that the PRC did not include the review center in the list of individuals and organizations to be investigated by the national bureau of investigation. This only proves that the review center has nothing to do with the "leak" they said.

Gapuz publicly state that he is determined to find and brought to justice those individuals that started linking the review center with the alleged leak and will try to cooperate in anyway they can to the investigating body.

Gapuz emphasized that those given the night before the examination are all reading materials that will help the student's focus their studies to the most common board questions. It is not a leakage according to him.


In preparation for the June and December board exams, The review center used the help of elite web designers to create an all new and dynamic website. They are not in anyway affected by the issue and will still expect numerous reviewees for the december boards.

The review center also introduced an innovation called T.I.P.S

" The center offers a comprehensive review for the local board examination. This features a refresher type of review, which discusses the major concepts integrated in the local board examination. The center utilized the T.I.P.S. (Total Innovative Personalized Supplemental Review) which shortened the traditional three-month nursing review course into 10-12 days. The T.I.P.S. review is the most innovative and a totally new review course to be introduced for the first time in the history of Local RN review. This course includes lectures and practice tests which simulate the actual Local-RN examinations and test taking techniques. Delivered in a totally innovative way, Mr. Gapuz makes every student enjoy every concept, and at the same time learn “the easy way”." - RA Gapuz Review Center

This only proves that the review center is not in anyway affected by the recent nursing mess.

The review center is ready and onset for the start of the review season for the december batch, which will officially start this october 01, 2006.


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