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Red Cross Training: Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support (BLS)

Red Cross Training: Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support (BLS)

Red Cross Quezon City Chapter is conducting a Training Course for Standard First Aid management and Basic Life Support. It caters to any person (lay person or health care provider) who wants to learn how save lives especially when out of the Hospital Setting.

The whole training will take 6 days (Monday to Saturday) from 8am-5pm. Curriculum includes Treating patient in with Shock, Patient/Casualty Handling, Soft Tissue Injury, Musculo-skeletal Injury, Poisoning, Basic Extrication, some common Emergency situations such us CVA, MI, DM, Seizures and Emergency Delivery and Proper CPR for infant, children and adult. Teaching includes both didactic teaching and return demonstration (much like our previous RLE). Oh, quizzes will also be given. (Utang na loob, sawa na kami dyan.. I know.. I know…)

Advantages from taking the training:

Well except that you will gain knowledge and skills, after completing the whole training and passing the written and practical exams you will receive *2 or 3 certificates. Now, why is it 2 or 3. As I told you, written and practical exams will be given, If you will pass it (at least 75%, oo! parang board exams), you will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Completion of the training plus you ID as a Licensed First-Aider. But if you excel in the training and you got a grade of 80% and above both in the written and practical (First Aid and BLS) you will get another certificate which is the Certificate of Proficiency.

Plus, you will receive a free manual for Standard first aid and a Triangular bandage. (Sorry, no T-shirts lol)

So that’s a certificate and license, but when will my license expire?

Expiration of the license will take a year. So after the expiration and you want to still be a First aider, you have to renew the license by taking another written and practical exam.

Requirements and Process of application:

As I’ve said everyone is invited to join, you just need to:
Pay 1,500 pesos at the Red Cross at QC City hall. Then you will be scheduled. Training takes place every week.
If you have already paid, on your first day of training you will need to present a Medical Certificate and a picture (either 1x1 or 2x2)
Orientation and Registration will occur at the first day of training
Training is done at CP. Garcia at UP Diliman.

If you still have questions just e-mail it to me at and Ill try to ask them and give you the anser ASAP.
*Certificate of Proficiency is only given at Red Cross QC chapter.

just want to ask about advanced life support system training. do i have to undergo first the basic life support

Well, as far as i know about ACLS, ang usual na nag uundergo dito eh mga EMT (paramedics) at mga Nurse Practitioner, eh hindi pa naman uso sa Philippines un... kaya I suggest undergo BLS muna..

hello! Member po ako ng Red Cross. As far as I know, you need to train for the Basic Life Support muna. This covers basic CPR and AR for adults, plus heimlich maneouver and abdominal thrusts. Advance Cardiac Life Support includes everything sa basics, but concentrates on higher methods of life support like cardioversion and defibrillation. I suggest you also buy the American Heart Association ACLS handbook for reference.

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