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Power struggle, is the theme of the event that will happen tomorrow, August 15, 2006 : or the JUDGEMENT DAY for us examinees of the June 2006 Boards.

It's a battle and struggle between opposing forces : PRC VS ADPCN

The PRC, headed by Hon. Leonor Tripon-Rosero is strong on their stand : WE DO NOT WANT A RETAKE.

But the opposing force, the DEANS themselves of the nursing school say : RETAKE THE EXAMINATION.

The Association of deans of philippine colleges of nursing proposed the following stands :

1. We stand for a retake to protect the tarnished integrity of the Philippine nursing profession.
2. Retake is the only way to absolved the current ill-repute filipino nurses in the peeing eye of the world.
3. Examinees will not PAY a single cent for the retake. It must be shouldered by the commission that exhibit lapses in what they call "LEAK PROOF EXAMS"
4. There should be new set of examination.
5. There should be new Board of Examinees that will administer and prepare the examination.
6. It must be done within a given timeline.

With these proposal, The PRC is now pressured and only have 3 options to solve the conflict : ACCOMODATE, COMPETE or COLLABORATE.

1. Accomadate : Accept defeat, ADPCN Is an influencial body of the nursing profession. Follow their suggestion of a retake.

2. Compete : Stay with the NO RETAKE stand and turn down the deans' proposal. Think of the backfires later.

3. Collaborate : Work with the deans on how each side can find a satisfying solution for both parties. Since conflict is inevitable because one is for a retake and other do not want a re examination, One should persuade the other party the benifits of either proposals.

The casualties of the war

In the end, the devastation will all be vented to the examinees, US NURSING STUDENTS who took the June boards exam. Either of their decision is a backfire to us.

1. If they decided for a RETAKE : Another shoulder for expenses, lodging, travels, review, materials...... etc. etc. etc. Not to mention the time and sleepless nights we will undertake to do it all over again.

2. If they LET ALL BE : The EYE is on us. Our reputation, questioned.... Our rating will be just numbers and not our competence, Our self ...... in mist of ambiguity with our knowledge, skills and attitude in BIG QUESTION. We will be a big walking question marks.

In the end, we are the losers in this war, 40,000 sore losers, sandwiched by the battle of conflicts in a country torn by graft and corruption, red tape, palakasan system and all the things the first world countries have casted out in the past.

Welcome to the Philippines, Mabuhay! Kilala mo ba sinong tatay ko? Pakita mo lang itong calling card nya di ka huhulihin ng pulis.

i am a parent and i symphatize with your sentiments. i myself would not want my son to retake an exam that he honestly passed.


it takes only a will from the PRC to create an independent and impartial investigation so that ALL of those GREEDY CULPRITS will be put to jail, then they can easily identify the examinees who benefited from the leakage.

after the retake there will be another wave of protest. then it will be a never ending mess.

True... those pushing for a retake are not really after the student's welfare. Its all politics with their hidden agendas. To state one, those college deans who now joined the other deans for pushing a retake are the deans of schools who's passing rates plunged from their previous performance. Two more poor performance from them, they'll be stripped off their nursing school licenses. Those who passed & still wants a retake, are too proud & ambitious to be at the top. They can't bear not to see their precious names atop the chart. For those whoe failed, why do you even push for a retake? You think your entitled after failing a supposed to be leaked & easy exam? Don't drag down those who passed because you failed.

I hope PRC people will be firm on their stand. It seems that the Association of Deans feel that they are better than PRC. This is a very BIG insult to Ms. Rosero who I believe is a woman of substance. Imagine, these Deans giving instructions on how this suppose Retake should be done. And why our politicians are eagerly indulging on this issue??? Don't we see it's the same period with Impeachment trial of GMA. Are these politicians determined to divert the attention of the Filipinos? Just asking... Fellow Nurses, wake up. Don't we allow to be used by these politicians to cover-up the trial of the BEST KNOWN cheater in our land... Very obvious na nga "Hello Garci" tape pero mga politiko walang ginawa.... tapos nakikigulo pa sila sa mga bagay na wala silang alam. Bago nila pakialaman ang tungkol sa leakage na buhay pa Nanay ng Lola ko ay nangyayari na, unahin na nila munang ayusin ang problema sa bawat offices nila. Mga politikong walang buntot kapag ang kahapar ay ang kapwa nila mandaraya sa election!!!

its not about the retake or not issue its about our integrity as a filipino..the issue regarding that shit is spreading like a disease worldwide..ang hirap kasi sa ating mga pilipino wla taung pakialam..iba-iba ang sides natin lahat tau may reason at explanation..wla taung pakialam sa iba ksi ipinagpipilitan natin kung ano ang mga gusto natin wla taung pakialam sa sasabihin ng ibang tao aminin natin o hindi kya nag nursing ang mga iba sa atin eh dahi sa pera..gusto magpunta sa ibang bansa!! tama dba isipin natin kung nasa ibang bansa tayo at natanong tau kung kasama tau dun sa batch nakumuha ng june for sure idedeny natin na kasama tau dun at pumasa tau..kahit wla pang leakage at nakapasa kau may lamat na dba...iisa ang mga tingin ng tao dahil sa ngyari..eto na lang para dun sa mga nakapasa..mahirap nga dahil retake na naman alam ko na ngwoworry ang iba sa atin dhil panu nga nmn kung d na makapasa sa retake dba pero isipin natin integrity ang nakasalalay d2 at para sa mga bumagsak wag namn gawing daan ito para lang makapasa..magdasal na lang tau...


anonymous 8:32am. Oo kaya nagnursing ang mga pinoy dito dahil sa hirap ng buhay. Wala namang pakialam ang mga american employers if you have the batch of june 2006. They have their own NCLEX. When you passed, failed or didn't take the local board it doesn't matter to them. As long as you PASSED THE NCLEX does it matter to them.


anonymous 8:32
for all we know, you have batchmates who didn't even bother to take the local board exams and are now in the states either reviewing for nclex or getting ready to take the nclex. as long as you have a visa, you can take the nclex. i had a neighbor who did it a few years ago and he is now an established nurse there. black props lang yan.

Let us just wait for the decision of the governing bodies. I am one of the passers of the last June '06 NLE. My stand is for RE-TAKE. I am a second courser, I studied hard during the review while taking a leave on my work. I did not benifitted to the so called "leakage". With the recent event happened on the leakage scandal and how it was tarnished the credibility of our exam, there is no other way but to have a RE-TAKE to clean everything.

I have monitored since from the time the leakage scandal spread-out. I always logged-on to the internet everyday to keep me updated on the news. I should say our ADCPN just did their part, which is commendable to FIGHT what is just RIGHT for ALL. What the PRC did when they released the results was a blunder while investigation is still on-going.

May we all be enlightened of this shameful event.

Let's not be selfish here, let's not think of our own survival. The PHIL. NURSING profession is at stake.

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