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TOP Philippine nursing universities support RETAKE, DEANS Will push through a RE EXAMINATION pressure on PRC.

TOP Philippine nursing universities support RETAKE, DEANS Will push through a RE EXAMINATION pressure on PRC.


On August 15, 2006 : The JUDGEMENT DAY for the 2006 June examinees, there will be a meeting of the Deans of different colleges of the philippines and the PRC.

PRC has it's stand : "We don't want a retake"

On the contrary, The pressure was coming from the DEANS who urges PRC to do the examination all over again.

Top universities, Like the University of the philippines, EXCUSED their nursing students who wants to attend the tuesday rally in PRC.

"We are required by our college to attend the rally on August 15, 2006 in front of PRC" a student said.

Our lady of fatima university, The university with the greatest number of June 2006 takers has one stand : WE WANT A RETAKE.

Fatima consistently has topnotchers and above 90% passing rate, but this time, suffered the same fate UST tasted. A marked drop on their passing percentage with NO topnotchers.

The university expressed sadness because they expected MORE from the June 2006 Batch lead by the topnotchers, neither of their student managed to get ranked up, none of them got into the topnotchers list.

UST, headed by its DEAN, Dean Glenda Vargas, perhaps is the most eager for a RETAKE. UST Has dropped questions to PRC On how being able to compute student's ability on Psychiatric Nursing if only 10 items was credited, How did the PRC Measured the student's competency on Medical Surgical Nursing and Pscyhiatric nursing, ending in : WHY PASS THOSE STUDENTS?

UST, Is calling for a re examination.

Perhaps, the most unusual of the three was University Of Pangasinan.

Having their studens both on n the top spot and top eight : SURELY, WE DON'T WANT A RETAKE.

The University celebrated their victory by having a motorcade all over the town and a victory party for the PASSERS.

Students told pbsn that their celebration was a little bit EXAGGERATED and PREMATURE. In amidst a possiblity of a retake, the University must be in DENIAL of the issues.

Lawrence Opinion :

What did we do to deserve this MESS holstered by few individuals who are supposedly to be our ROLE MODELS?

Why do we need to cover all these UP? The one making the investigation is so SUBTLE and influenced by people on TOP. There will be no independent investigation.

Is it TRUE Hospitals and foreign employers are started to think twice : SHOULD WE A TAKE JUNE 2006 EXAMINEE?

Do we really need to have a RETEST to prove that we are competent?


why can't you just accept na if bumagsak kayo eh because yun ang kapalaran nyo? hindi lahat ng pumasa ay nagcheat, we are honest, and we are not in favor of a retake, pls. lang naman po be fair!!! may retake pa naman po sa mga bagsak ngayong december bumawi na lang lahat ng bumagsak..

WHO CARES IF BIG TOP UNIVERSITIES WANT A RETAKE??!!! they are only a small percent of the whole nursing community!!

they don't even know what their students want. They just assumed that everyone wants a retake. Its so funny that they even made it mandatory for their nursing students to attend their rally!!

- fish -

to UST dean: why are you so sure na nsa top ten kayo lagi? what made you think na kaya ninyo lahat ng nursing students sa buong pilipinas?

what will happen after the supposed retake? paano kung mapatunayan na yung mga pumasa pa rin ang papasa? may fine ba sa inyong lahat na nagsuggest ng retake? magbabayad ba kayo ng damages sa amin? dapat lahat ng actions may consequences dahil this involves not only students from 2 or 3 schools but it involves seventeen thousand individuals!

hay naku.. im a passer and i want to retake.. honest ako but still everyone questions my credibility.. one thing for sure.. passing the june 2006 board is not sonething to be proud of

the 500 questions reflect what your board of nursing is capable of..

the 16 grand plus passers, brought their brains with them before san lazaro hospital pa, the rest left them in their provinces..

"to UST dean: why are you so sure na nsa top ten kayo lagi? what made you think na kaya ninyo lahat ng nursing students sa buong pilipinas?" < kasi "iba" ang uste, tanga! royal pontifical ek ek of asia kaya ang uste.. school mo sikat lang dahil "most ammoniacal" amoy ng banyo nyo eh..

just wondering why are we dwelling so much on the issue of retake and making all of us disunited?

we should be directing all our efforts on the real culprits and not to us, the victims. we are already being punished without the benefit of doubt.

how about those greedy people who are the root causes of all these mess? they are washing their hands (maybe they have perfected hand washing one thousand times!) on the issue and before we know it, they might be one of those who are putting the blame on us, the victims.

who knows, they themselves are laughing at us for being disunited, for fighting each other so that the camera will not focus on them.

who knows they themselves are also advocating the retake issue in order to divide us (divide and rule).

lest these people are charged in court and punished, this issue of leakage will still continue for it is a common knowledge that leakage is practiced since GOD knows when.

just like what the prc once said "leakage is a thing of the past" thus admitting the fact that leakage was existing in the past!


para sa lahat ng pumasa na ang kanilang dean ay nag-aadvocate ng retake:

>> ininsulto kayo ng mga deans ninyo!

>> imagine, mas bilib pa sila sa mga bumagsak kaysa sa inyo na pumasa!

>> imagine, sinasabi ng mga dean ninyo na mas competent pa yung mga bumagsak kesa sa inyo na pumasa!

>> will you just let these things pass?

just a thought... kahit pasa ako magreretake ako!

>tama ka jan, 380 na nga lang ang magmemeasure ng competence, mali mali pa? e anong tawag mo dun? LIE-sensure exams, isa itong kabaliwan...

> tama ka din na nagstart na ang discrimination sa mga hospital sa mga june 2006 passers hindi lang dito pero world wide! ang saya...

> sa mga pumasa na ang mga deans e nag-aadvocate ng retake: alam nila ang kakayahan ng mga students nila kaya sila nagaadvocate ng retake. at alam nila ang ginagawa nila...

>papayag ka bang masabihang cheater kahit hindi? oo nga alam mo sa sarili mo na wala kang leakage pero kapag employed ka na at medjo pumalya ka, sasabihin sayo kasi may leakage ka kahit wala.

> yap totoong madaming typo at kalokohan sa boards... tanungin ka ng characteristic of a cry ng baby boy e importante ba un kung girl o boy, ang importante umiiyak dahil a crying baby is a healthy baby...

>small percent lang ang top univesities? e bat threaten kayo? pagsama-samahin nyo ang mga top ranking skuls e wala kayo! bwahaha

>takot lang kayong bumagsak :p

> sa mga pumasa na ang mga deans e nag-aadvocate ng retake: alam nila ang kakayahan ng mga students nila kaya sila nagaadvocate ng retake. at alam nila ang ginagawa nila...
--- un naman pala eh! in the first place bkit nila pinag-graduate ung studyante?

--- at bakit nila pinayagan na mag-take ng board?!! aber?

Ang hirap talaga pag hindi alam ang buong issue...
Issue number 1:
Sabi nung isa, yung 500 questions na "pinalad na bumagsak" sa kamay ni Gapuz puro typo, etc. Kasi naman po, draft and personal copy lang ng pa-retire na matanda yon. Pero papano napunta kay Gapuz? Simple po. Pa-retire na yung matanda kasi nga on hold-over capacity na siya sa BON, e. Kelangan may pang-retire siya. Kelangan din naman ni Gapuz "i-maintain" yung "sterling record" ng review center niya. O, di ba mutual beneficience yon?
Issue nuber 2:
Sabi naman nung isa hindi raw reflective sa competence ng nakapasa sa Board yung 10 points lang na counted sa Test V (Psyche Nursing). That statement is wrong po. Contrary to rumors circulating, counted po yung results ng Test V. What the PRC/BON just did was just to tone down the impact of Test V in a way that those who cheated won't benefit form their dastardly acts while at the same time painstakingly ensuring that those who passed honestly won't be at the losing end of the deal. How did PRC/BON do it? It went something like this: Di ba we had five tests? Each was worth 20 points para perfect score is 100. In case of Test V, what they did was that instead of assigning .2 points for every correct answer (kasi 100 X .2 = 20), the computation they did was: average of Tests I, II, III , and IV divided by four plus average of Tests I, II, III, IV, and V divided by five all over two would be your score for test V.
Sample... Let's say your raw scores were as follows:
Test I: 60/100
Test II: 55/100
Test III: 70/100
Test IV: 57/100
Test V: 58/100
In this case, score for Test V is not 58. Instead, it is 60.25.(60+55+70+57)/4 plus (60+55=70+57+58)/5 equals Test V result or (242/4 + 300/5)/2 = (60.5+60)/2 = 60.25.
Statistically daw, hindi nagkakalayo mga results ng individual tests ng isang examinee.
With this kind of computation (not unless nagkamali ako ng dinig sa explanation nila), mukhang fair deal na ito. Kasi na-tone down ang results ng Test V. Parang 10 points worth na lang ang results niya. in this way, hindi talaga nag-benefit ang mga cheaters at the same time hindi masyado nalugi yung mga honest.
As to Test III results daw, na-nullify yung 20 questions contributed by Madeja. Being new yung dalawa sa BON (sina Madeja and Galutira), pinagsama silang mag-contribute for Test III. Since the computer selected the questions for Test III, napili was 80 questions of Galutira and 20 questions of Madeja. Kaso nga lang mukhang magaling yung isang matinik at maimpluwensiyang nars. Minalas tuloy si Madeja... and na-nullify yung 20 questions contributed niya. To make up for it, ginawa nilang worth 1.25 points bawat question ni Galutira to make Test III equal to 100 points.
Issue number 3:
Hindi daw tatanggapin or at least, magkakaron ng second thoughts ang local and foreign employers to get June 2006 batch passers.
Sagot ko: Siyempre naman! Bagong graduate tayo e. Prove ourselves muna. May experience na ba tayo sa floors to talk of? May specializations na ba tayo? Wala pa naman talaga, di ba?. Natural, hindi pa tayo karapat-dapat tanggapin. Huwag po tayo matakot sa psy-ops ng mga gustong sirain ang tiwala natin sa ating kakayanan. For us who made it fair and square, we hurdled the Board cleanly. Sa US and Canada, may local Boards din duon that we have to pass through. Pag lumusot tayo don, lusot tayo. Tapos. And then they would take us. But until then, half-truths yang mga salita na hindi tatanggapin or magse-second thoughts ang foreign employers to get us just because we belong to the unfortunate batch who had cheaters with selfish motives sa paligid natin.
Now I just would like to make this thing clear: When I say cheaters, I am not refering even to those who benefitted from the leakage. Reviewees yan e. Let's all be honest. All reviewees would like to pass and surely would readily grab any review material given them, di ba? Lalo na pag napabalitang "patok"! Therefore, who I refer to as cheaters here are the very enterprising review centers (Gapuz and yung maimpluwensiyang nars) na gustong ma-maintain yung "sterling passing marks" ng review centers nila, pati na yung ilang naliligaw sa landas na taga-PRC (Baguio, take note!) at yung dalawang taga-BON. Dahil sa inyo, sa kaswapangan ninyo, adversely affected careers namin. Timetables namin, sira. Mga magulang at pamilya namin, nakabitin at nag-aalala pa rin sa naka-ambang panibagong gastusin which may be a consequence of your evil acts. Sana matuto kayo. You don't deserve to be called nurses and deans. Sana kayo ang maparusahan. Hindi kaming mga pumasa.

hay naku accept the reality na lang.....

"CRAB MENTALity talaga nakatatak sa pinoy"

tapos na dahil ba sa mababa ang percentage ng mga top schools sa manila at kunti ang topnotchers e gusto na nila ang RE TAKE??? HELLO GUMISING PO KAYO!!!!

Hello! Why should we have to go all these trouble? Its not our fault... Hello???? dapat yung involved na BON ang dapat parusahan....RETAKE IS SO UNFAIR!!!!! di lahat ng students nag cheat, and besides is the retake for free? only the review centers will benefit from it coz everybody for sure will enroll again.... Just let it go and let it be.... ang OA naman ng mga dean na yan.... As if?????

No to Retake...Mag-oath taking na tayo...!!!!!! Wag parusahan ang mga examinis.!!!u

wow ganun pala pag compute, eh napataas pa nga grade ng test 5 eh bakit ano pa nirereklamo nyo haha

ung nagpost ng computation ng scores naten...ang galing mo..saludo ako sayo.. I agree with you...

cyempre malay ba ng mga deans may leakage kaya pinagtake ng boards e bobo!

kaya pinagreretake sila kasi alam namang papasa bobo!

at sabi sa PRC resolution number 31 w/c was issued by the BON and PRC paragraph 8 states that:
- whereas, since 90/100 in test v were established to be leaked, the board considered that invalidating the same would leave only 10 valid questions which would not be sufficient to determine competency

oha! e d pRC na din umamin na isang part e incompetent w/c makes the entire exam incompetent kasi isa sa mga provisions ng RA 9173/ nursing act of 2002 acticle VI, section 14 na:
- Scope of Examination: “The scope of examination for the practice of nursing in the Philippines shall be determined by the Board. The Board shall take into consideration the objectives of the nursing curriculum, the broad areas of nursing, and other related disciplines and competencies in determining the subjects of examination

oha! e d kapag kulang ang isa, hindi na matatawag na buo. kung bga sa fraction, each part is important to make it whole...

oha! e2 pala kayo e hindi nyo ata inaral ang professional adjustments nyo! bobo! hahahahaha

yung mga bagsak na gusto ng retake, mahiya naman kayo. Wala kayong karapatan. Ang dali na nga ng exam, me leakage pa daw, common sense lang ang kailangan, bumagsak ka pa din, aba, umulit ka talaga dapat ng pagaaral.

Payag ang passer mag retake, basta passer lang ha, di kasama ang bumagsak.

Scope of Examination: “The scope of examination for the practice of nursing in the Philippines shall be determined by the Board. The Board shall take into consideration the objectives of the nursing curriculum, the broad areas of nursing, and other related disciplines and competencies in determining the subjects of examination
---- NANOOD KA BA NG NEWS? or dense ka lang talaga? HAHA NAKIKITA MO NA NGA EH BON ang mag dedecide ang scope ng nursing. Sinabi na ng BON na ang test 1 to 4 ok lang dahil yung test 5 walang pull. Isa pa bakit wala ba psych sa test 1 to 4? In denial ata kayo lahat. SILA magdecide hindi ikaw. BON Ka ba?

Nakalimutan nyo na rin ata yung isa pang law, kasi nakalabas na results. Nasa law rin sa RA 9173. PAG NAKALABAS NA BAWAL NA BAWIIN OK?

NO RETAKE...but if the students wants retake,he/she can have a retake, on december 2006 or june 2007, provided that it is a regular date for exam.Pero no RETAKE po..Tas students option to retake or not. Please pass.u

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