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Canada in nurse shortage, filipino nurses are their first choice to fill shortage up.

Local nurse part of worker shortage solution

By Ryan Kiedrowski

Nipawin Journal — With more jobs available than people to fill them, one viable option is to bring workers in from other countries. Not only does this benefit the employer who needs people to allow their company to excel, but it also offers a better standard of living for people from foreign shores.

Part of this solution lies with Theresa Saynes, founder of Nitengale International Manpower Services (NIMS). Saynes noted the large demand for caregivers in Saskatchewan and realized she could help fill those spaces with people she knew form around the world.

Saynes herself was a caregiver before becoming a nurse. She left the Phillipines in 1995 for Saudi Arabia as a nurse. Soon, she began to hear about how attractive Canada was from friends, which led Saynes and her husband to move to Vancouver.
"I worked as a caregiver in Vancouver and Alberta for about nine months," said Saynes. "It was a good stepping stone."
She has been a nurse in Nipawin for three years and pursues work with NIMS on her days off.
What NIMS focuses on is providing caregivers for elderly or disabled people who live independantly in their own homes.

"I feel for them," Saynes said of elderly people facing the dilema of having to leave their home. "To be independant throughout your life and here your are … you still want to be in your own home."
NIMS also has individuals who are qualified to take care of children for people in need of a babysitter.

While working in Saudi Arabia is easier for Filipino nurses in terms of immigration, the job security available in Canada is one feature Saynes believes will be more attractive.

Since she has started NIMS in May, Saynes was able to secure jobs for eight people and is in the process of securing positions for five more.
"People were phoning me since I came to Nipawin because they couldn’t believe that you could work up from a caregiver to a professional nurse," said Saynes.
A major advantage for hiring Filipino caregivers and nurses is that English is not a barrier and the accreditation received in the Phillipines is recognized by Canadian standards.

"Nurses are trained to leave the country," Saynes told The Journal. "They are not trained to stay, they are trained to leave." She also noted how attending post-secondary education is not quite as simple in the Phillipines as it is in Canada.
"Back home, you don’t get a student loan – you go to your richest relative and say ‘will you sponsor me – I will pay you back’."
Sending money back home is "part of the culture," Saynes said. Her brother is currently attending nursing school, with Saynes now having the opportunity to be the "sponsor."

Saynes’ goal of bringing caregivers to Saskatchewan might become a little easier in terms of immigration. The federal government announced on July 31 that temporary foreign worker units will be created in Calgary and Vancouver on a pilot basis effective September 1.

"We will help facilitate the entry of temporary foreign workers into Canada where they are needed by working with the companies and sectors most affected," said Monte Solberg, federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, in a press release. "Not a day has gone by since I was appointed Minister that I have not heard about labour market shortages threatening to hold up Canada’s economic growth. We’re taking the first steps to addressing those needs."

The units will provide advice to employers that plan on hiring temporary foreign workers exempt from the labour market confirmation process. The units will also prescreen supporting documents from employers in an effort to streamline the application process for the workers.

This is a good development. At least my good news out from the mess over the June NLE Leakage Scam

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