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Trivia BOT has been LAUNCHED!

Trivia bot is now UP and running, with 2,000 Nursing related questions that will be randomly drawn in each trivia session! The question bank will continue to enlarge as time goes by, and as contributors add their questions. At this pace, I am projecting a 10,000 question bank by the end of august. And around 50,000 by december.

We will break our goal of 100,000 question database by midyear of 2007, By then... I doubt questions will be repeated.

That is 100,000 POSSIBLE CGFNS/NCLEX/LOCAL BOARD Question we have here in the chat.

Current categories are : Medical surgical nursing, Obstetric nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Nursing Leadership and Management, Psychiatric Nursing, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Medicine, Computation, Professional Adjustment, Nursing Research, Community health nursing, Communicable diseases etc.

Read more on question contribution by clicking below :

You can also add questions INSIDE the chatroom by typing !add question*answer

Goodluck! See you on the ranking!

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