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Board exam for all courses?

Board exam for all courses?

THE Commission on Higher Education (CHED) yesterday suggested that all the courses in colleges and universities should have board examinations to improve the quality of education in the country.

During yesterday’s meeting with school officials at the Legend Hotel in Mandaluyong City, CHED chair Carlito Puno insisted that the educational system in the country has to undergo radical transformation and renewal.

“In a world of turbulent changes, there is a need for a new vision and paradigm of higher education calling for major changes in policies, practices, means of service deliveries and linkages with local and global institutions,” Puno said in his speech.

He said that to realize these visions and directions, “it is necessary to reengineer curricula using more focused and appropriate methods so as to go beyond cognitive mastery of disciplines and apply new pedagogical and didactical approaches.”

The CHED chairman said that one way to professionalize all higher education courses is to require board examinations.

Apart from the requirement of board exams, Puno said there is also an urgent need to redirect the course preferences of the graduating high school students as well as present first year and second year college students.

The CHED said they have to focus on the “big mismatch” (quantitatively and qualitatively) in the professional demand-and-supply analysis.

“The locus and the focus of the commission’s program thrust will be to correct these quantitative and qualitative mismatches. This cannot be done on a “piece meal” basis; it should be done through a highly focused and coordinated approach,” Puno explained.

He said that to address the quantitative mismatch, the schools should implement a national career streaming and qualifying examinations; conduct aggressive career guidance and counseling; redirect students from enrolling in the over-subscribed curricular programs; require board examinations to all courses; require all higher education institutions both public and private to convert their elementary and high schools to integrated science schools; allow state universities and colleges with teacher education courses to accept 1,000 elementary and 1,000 high school students for their laboratory integrated science schools; and aggressively implement the ladderization program.

Puno said to address this qualitative mismatches, the schools need to improve quality of instructions; offer pre-baccalaureate program for high school graduates who will get very low scores in the National Career Streaming and Qualifying examinations; establish graduate school tie-ups with leading foreign universities in science and technical courses; expand national and international practicum programs and obtain more bilateral academic agreements; engineer academic curricula to make these IT enabled, market responsive and globally competitive; and to create a unit that will promote tie-ups with local industries as well as linkages with foreign universities.

The chairman concluded that the proposed paradigm shifts calling for a more focused and comprehensive action plan are aimed to systematically change the critical structures and processes in higher education.

Jerico Javier

People's Tonight
8/4/2006 20:37 PM

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