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PRC Website now online, Gabberkads is now back online.

The PRC Website is now back online after months of maintenance.

Check out

Due to emails and comments I receive about the previous JAVA based chatroom, I decided to resurrect Gabberkads chat. The chat would not require any plugins, just your browser. There are some issues with OPERA based browser so I suggest that you use FIREFOX or INTERNET EXPLORER.

Gabberkads is UNMODERATED, namejacking is common so beware of those pretending to be an admins and spreading malicious and false rumors.

We will post FACTS and IMPORTANT NURSING RELATED NEWS HERE, not on the chat. So any admins announcing something on the chat is most likely spreading hoax.

Hi Budek, thanks. My concern is the news of having a retake. I hope you can update us on this matter immediately once the info is available. You see, I rely on this website and got to visit about 4x a day... Have a nice day.

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