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Dengue alert up in all schools

Dengue alert up in all schools
By Sandy Araneta

The Department of Education (DepEd) raised yesterday an alert against dengue hemorrhagic fever in all private and public elementary and high schools nationwide.

In a statement, the DepEd said the alert was issued to protect the school populace from the disease following the result of the Weekly Disease Surveillance Report from the Department of Health, which showed that dengue remains number two on the list of the most prevalent diseases in the country.

DepEd released Memorandum 290 last July 28, signed by Education Undersecretary for Programs and Projects Fe Hidalgo, for the information campaign against the dengue.

DepEd directed all school administrators to mobilize school health personnel to disseminate information on the prevention and control of the disease.

The department also issued measures informing all schools how dengue can be prevented. DepEd advised schools to tell students they should remove all possible breeding places of mosquitoes such as tin cans, rubber tires, bottles and drain accumulated water from trees and plants.

Other prevention measures include covering water storage containers to prevent breeding of mosquitoes; cleaning gutters to prevent rain water from stagnating; isolating patients suffering from dengue for at least five days; and reporting to the nearest health center any suspected case of the disease in the neighborhood.

DepEd also directed schools to closely collaborate with parent-teacher-community associations, local government units, municipal health officers on referral of students and teachers with fever and those who are suffering or experiencing symptoms of dengue; delineate responsibilities between and among the agencies; maintain environmental sanitation in the school and communities; and conduct information campaigns against dengue. Flyers regarding the disease have been circulated nationwide.

Dengue is an acute infectious viral disease that is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and usually affects infants and young children. Adult mosquitoes of this species bite during the day and rest in dark places of the house or school.

It is characterized by the sudden onset of high fever which may last two to nine days; pain in the joints, muscles and behind the eyes; weakness, red tiny spots on the skin called petechia, nosebleed when the fever starts to subside, coffee-colored vomit, and dark-colored stool.

The DOH advised the public to bring a patient who has symptoms of dengue to the nearest health center or hospital.

( DENGUE is endemic in the Philippines and i'm telling you that it's very deadly once it is ignored. I've seen some patients who died of DENGUE, and one of your nursing management if you have a DENGUE patient in your ward (especially if you are working in the government hospitals where the relatives treat the hospital as their own home where they can wash their own clothes..) do TEACH the relatives to cover their water containers, to refrain from washing their clothes inside the ward for God's sake and make your ward clean!! Because once a dengue mosquito bit the patient with dengue, then the cycle continues. And worst, maybe it's YOU who will be it's next victim. )


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