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PRC probe: P7M paid for nursing test leakage

PRC probe: P7M paid for nursing test leakage

An official of the Philippine Nurses' Association (PNA) allegedly paid P7 million to obtain test leakages for the June 2006 Nursing Board Examination, ABS-CBN's Bandila reported Monday.

The report quoted information from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), which conducted a fact-finding probe on the alleged leakage.

Jorge Cordero, PNA president and the official alluded to in the PRC report, dismissed the accusation. "Kung totoong nagbayad kami di sana number one ang anak ko. Bakit bagsak ang anak ko? (If it is true we paid for the leakage, why is it that my child failed the exam?)"

He threatened to file libel charges against those accusing him of initiating the test leakage.

The agency report said Cordero paid P7 million to the Bureau of Nursing examiners, the group that formulates questions for the board examination.

After obtaining the leakage, Cordero allegdly sold the test questions to students.

A nursing student who took the exam, however, told a Bandila interview that he got hold of a copy of the test leakage from a friend.

Wesley Pristin said one of his friends, whom he declined to named, benefited from the leakage and would testify on the circumstances regarding the leakage.

"They were writing it down," Pristin said, adding that the leakage was presented during a review class. His friend described the pacing of the prsentation as "too fast" because other reviewees failed to catch up and take notes, Pristin said.

He, however, could not tell whether the leakage came from professors or the reviewers.

"I’m not so sure if it was from the Gapuz Review Center," he said.

The review center denied that the leak came from them.

"Pagpasok pa lang ng mga estudyante hawak na nila yung mga manuscripts na iyon. Mukhang kalat na sa mga estudyante yan. (The students already had the manuscripts. It looks like the leakage was already circulating among the students)," said Ray Gapuz.

PRC is set to decide Tuesday on whether to validate the whole board examination or render it invalid.

Other options being studied include the retaking of the whole examination without payment for the examinees; a retake of sections 3 and 5, which were the subject of the alleged leakage; or disregard the sections mentioned in computing the grades already made by PRC

FROM: abs-cbn news

First of all, i would like to inform everybody that i took and passed the examination last June 2006 for BSN fair and square. I sold my TV to go to the city so i could take the examination. Should i sell again my house just to take the exam? I have been lucky to be poor at least, i had no chance of paying a review center and could have destroyed my dignity. for some people, it may work, they don't have that in the first place. My question is, how come only those who failed where interviewed and heard over with there qualms. Isn't if fair already that the PRC took off the questions from the leakage and computed the results based on the scores you get, minus the leaked answers. No matter how many times you re-take the exams, i'd say, because of the innate crab in your brains, you would still fail. The reason your holding to others just be on top is because you have nothing to treasure to from the start. Re-taking the exams won't matter abroad as they don't depend on our exams or license. NCLEX doesn't need your local licenses empty heads! It goes to show wala kayong alam, wala pang alam ang nagiinterview sa inyo! UST's magna com laude is one of you. It doesn't mean magna sya eh matalino! Empty heads FYI, they are not the ultimate school in the world. Magaling pa school ko sa kanila. Lastly, do you think the whole world will believe in the honesty of our culture even if we re-do the exam? my answer is NONONO! You are just fooling yourselves, no matter what you do, our local boards are still not valid abroad. A challenge to you empty heads, start studying now co'z time is running out on you. Pagnag-exam ulit at bagsak kayo nanaman, you might cry again for a re-take.

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