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Filipino nurses’ jobs are safe

Filipino nurses’ jobs are safe

Scaremongering statements on employment of nurses prove to be without foundation

Labour Attaché Jun Rasul of the Philippine Embassy in London confirmed in an announcement that there is no ban on hiring foreign nurses in Britain and the North of Ireland.

In his report submitted to Department of Labour and Employment, Secretary Arturo Brion, through Philippine Ambassador Edgardo Espiritu, clarified that the removal of general nurses from the shortage occupation list was never intended to close the labour market to overseas recruitment but that it was aimed to give UK residents and newly trained nurses the chance to get jobs.
The announcement was intended to quell the creeping misinformation on the issue especially to the Philippine media and to the increasing worries of existing Filipino nurses with regard to their status.

The removal of general nursing from the shortage list of the Home Office as I reported in recent weeks has raised concerns within the Filipino community and has elevated their concerns over the renewal of visas and permanent residency status.

The information was not intended to be contentious but it has alienated the Filipino community further because of misconceptions of some of its members and the poorly compiled reports in the Philippine media.

In many hospitals, a great deal of uncertainty exists among Filipino staff and has left nurses feeling anxious, particularly those nurses on the verge of renewing their contracts and visas.

Recently there have been reports that some hospitals in England and other parts of Britain and the North were closing and a lot of jobs were likely to be axed due to financial difficulties within the NHS.

Foreign nurses were alerted about the developments and have feared for their status. But Attaché Rasul has not received any contact from the nurses to suggest that they have been affected by these developments so far.
Growing concerns crop up as well with regards to the permanent residency status wherein some have said that the approval of the status has now been cut off and has now been limited to certain dates of arrivals.

This is absurd and without basis. Whoever has started to spread this rubbish should be ashamed.

Those who believed it should also hang their head in shame for being so gullible.

It is time for us to focus and whatever the issues that arise must be put to the proper forum.

The Home Office has recently extended the duration of stay for whoever wants to apply for permanent residency from four years to five years but it did not specify that it will stop the processing of its ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa’.

On its website, where the removal of the shortage lists is to be found as well, there is no mention of this matter.

The community must now calm down and help each other as the misconceptions and misinformation have been clarified. Instead of listening to unsubstantiated information it is essential to seek the appropriate source of the information. The hospitals as the main employers of the nurses should be the first port of call for inquiries and clarification. The Human Resources/Personnel office has all the information that answers all the questions with regard to this issue.

The Philippine Embassy through the Philippine Overseas Labour Office, which Attaché Jun Rasul heads, is more than willing to assist nurses about all their concerns and questions on this matter and any other employment queries you have.


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