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Inaction in case of nursing leakage

Inaction in case of nursing leakage

By Willie Ng

MALACAÑANG should not take so long to accept the recommendation of Commission on Overseas Filipino Chairman Dante Ang to invalidate the recent nursing exams because of the leakage of test questions.

There is no other way. It is not only because the leakage smeared the reputation of the nursing profession, which is the most powerful reason to invalidate.

The other reason is that the culprits have long been pinpointed and many of the test takers have come forward as witnesses. There is a strong case against the main perpetrator, the owner of a review center for nursing students.

* * *

Why the foot dragging? The monstrosity of the crime, affecting all examinees, both the innocent and the guilty, demands that the authorities should charge the culprits with the crime forthwith.

Up to now, no one has been charged. It’s as if the authorities are waiting for the public indignation to subside.

Meanwhile, the guilty have all the time to suborn the witnesses. The main witness who had accused the review center owner of personally distributing the leaked questions, has retracted.

* * *

All who took the tests had their time table: They had expected to be licensed so that they would begin working, preferably abroad, in order to repay their parents’ sacrifices.

If they must retake the tests, that should be done now, not next December as is the regular schedule.

Let the Professional Regulation Commission, which bungled the thing, make up for its blunder by advancing the date of the tests and accelerating the correcting process.

Having caused them so much harm and anguish, the PRC must cut short the waste of time for the test takers.

Together with that, the PRC must see to inflicting the maximum punishment on the culprits. In other countries, they would have long been detained. Here, although identified, they remain free men.


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